All Ireland Boxing Finals

2015-05-08 Linda Desmond, Megan Lehane, and Chloé Barrett at the All Ireland Girls Boxing Finals
Megan Lehane, Linda Desmond, and Chloé Barrett who competed at the All Ireland Girls Boxing Finals

Huge credit due to our three brilliant girls who competed at the National Boxing Stadium in All Ireland Championship. Victory parade tomorrow (Sunday) evening at 6pm from Colemans, Millstreet.

Full Results (from

May 8th – Girl 2 Finals
42kg Linda Desmond (Rylane) beat Tara Daly (O.L.O.L) TKO1
48kg Niamh Fay (Bracken) beat Megan Lehane (Rylane) 3-0
57kg Chloe Barrett (Rylane) beat Leah Richardson (St. Michaels NR) 3-0

May 2nd – Girls 2 Prelims
42kg Linda Desmond (Rylane) beat Seanna McAndrew (Geesala) TKO3
57kg Chloe Barrett (Rylane) beat Erin Barrett (Geesala) TKO1

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