Neily Lehane

Whenever the Slanan Rovers Gaelic Football Club lined out to play
Their founder member Neily Lehane from them never far away
Always on the sideline cheering them on
Back there in Duhallow in Seasons long gone

One of Duhallow’s great characters of him one can say
I often do wonder where he might be today?
Neily Lehane one who was well liked and well known
He was one of those blessed with a charm of his own

The Gaelic Football Club he helped to establish five decades ago
Were the Pride of Cloghoula till time the old foe
Of everyone and everything had the final say
On Slanan Rovers and no Gaelic Football Club in Cloghoula today

Eventually for us all from life’s cares there’s a final release
Well known Slanan Rovers identities Frank Riordan, Danny Healy and Dave Sheehan now resting at peace
And even the youngest of the Slanan Rovers players now long past their physical prime
Eventually we all become victims of time

For the what used to be i have shed my last tears
And as for Neily Lehane i have not heard of or seen him for years
But i hope he is happy and healthy and feeling okay
For good memories of him remain with me today.


“Neily Lehane” is by Francis Duggan

The Slanan Rovers football team before their Duhallow Final. (The names of the people in this photo are listed in an older post, click the photo to see them … but Neily isn’t here!)


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