Charity Single plan for “Baby Jacob”

In the media whirlwind that has been the Baby Jacob Appeal in the last week, his parents were interviewed during the week on Cork FM Radio by Rose O’Neill. Click here to listen to the interview.

From that interview, a Facebook page has been setup with the aim of generating awareness (there are 470+ fans already in a day and a half), and they say that they are in an advanced stage of making a Charity Single for the fund! which will be available online and also in selected stores as CD’s.

More info below:

Charity Single plan for “Baby Jacob” Fundraising Appeal
Just days after the tragic plight of Baby Jacob was highlighted nationally by TV3 News, plans are already at an advanced stage to record a charity single in aid of Jacob and his family.
Baby Jacob, who lives in Millstreet, Co. Cork, was born with an extremely rare condition, called Anophthalmus. The most devastating effect of the disease is that the ten week old boy has no eyes.
In addition to facing a life of total blindness, he must also have prosthetic eyes fitted and replaced every three months until he is six years old, to ensure that his face and skull develop normally.
The cost of this treatment is enormous – estimated at approximately €300,000 – but it is also essential, as without it, little Jacob will suffer crippling and painful facial deformities…
“The Project”, a Cork based musical group, is now planning to go into studio and record the Labi Siffre classic, “Something Inside So Strong”, in aid of the Baby Jacob Fund.
The record will be available principally as an online download, but it’s also hoped to secure a network of outlets where CD’s of the song can be sold. All proceeds will be donated to Jacobs’s family.
“We are using every contact we have,” said Rose O’Neill of The Project, “and have already secured a recording engineer and a fully digital studio in which to record.”

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