Genealogy: Cornelius Casey

MY great-grand father, Cornelius Casey was born in Ireland about 1842.  My problem is I do not know where in Ireland he was born so I have hit a brick wall. I did hear Bantry but that could be where he left from.  He staked a mining claim in New Zealand in 1868. I have not been able to find him arriving in New Zealand but think it would have been shortly before he staked his claim as I think that maybe why he went to New Zealand was for the mining.  He married Ellen Keohane in 1872 in NZ.  She was baptised in the Parish of Caheragh, Co. Cork in 1845 the daughter of James and Catherine Keohane (McCarthy).  I do know that he returned to Ireland from NZ in May 1908 and returned to NZ in November 1908.  I have researched every avenue in NZ and cannot find anything that gives me a clue.  I was looking at an Irish genealogy site and came across a Cornelius Casey name from Millstreet and for some reason I could not get this connection out of my mind.  So was wondering if there are any Casey families in Millstreet that are researching the name and maybe able to make a connection with me.  Or anyone that can help me.  I would be most grateful.
Thank you, Marie Casey <email> 

Admin notes:

[Cornelius Casey on Ancestry by Patricia Quinn Benson] – notes birth place as Glanmire or Bantry, but doesn’t know for sure.


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  1. Have you looked at the passenger lists?
    His wife’s name esp. Keohane is a very West Cork name.
    Have you tried DNA?

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