LTV2 Millstreet Programme 250 (Highlights over the last 10 Years of Broadcasting by LTV2 Millstreet)

LTV2 Millstreet Milestone 250th Programme is now online, in this Historic Programme we take a look at some Highlights from the past 10 Years of Broadcasting since we were formed as a Group, some of the items featured in this Programme includes an Interview with Maureen O`Hara, a look back at the Westlife Concert held in Green Glens back in 2006, we have some music from Knocknagree and Cullen, some Cork 20 action from 2005,we take a look at the FICC Rally held in Millstreet back in 2007 along with other memories as well.

The LTV2 Millstreet Crew would like to thank the support we have got over the past 10 years and are glad to have brought  Entertainment to many people in that time and hopefully we can continue this for many years to come, Happy Viewing.

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