2016 General Election Campaign, Independent Candidate LOOKING FOR SUPPORT

Woodland Drive,
Co. Cork

Tel: 0870674520

Date: 14/02/15

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing to you In relation to the possibility of putting my name forward as an Independent Candidate for the 2016 General Election.

My name is Steven O’ Riordan and I’m a member of Millstreet Macra. I’m the brother of disability activist Joanne O’ Riordan who was born without limbs. My background is in the Arts and my political interests are social and human rights issues.

I’m currently looking for help in mounting a campaign that would result in taking a seat within the Cork North West area.

The campaign would be run on a number of issues, these include; Disability, Young People, Urban V Rural Ireland, Dail Reform, Immigrants, Sport & The Arts.

I’m probably best known for my work on the issue of the Magdalene Laundries and my most recent documentary “No Limbs No Limits” The Joanne O’ Riordan. I was a key figure in securing the state apology for the women of the Magdalene Laundries. Over the years I have also used my ability to ensure that people with disabilities live in a society that is inclusive. You can see this in my local area where I was successful in getting the County Council to make all public buildings & footpaths wheelchair accessible.

I believe that the time is right to put forward an Independent candidate. I believe that I have a real chance of winning a seat for Cork North West.

At the moment I’m looking for people who are keen to help out in any way they can. This could be through sponsorship such as poster/leaflet printing. Volunteering/Canvassing or being part of a committee that would help me strategises the campaign.

The 2016 General Election should be seen as an opportunity to start a renewal process within Irish politics. We need to ensure that people of Cork North West and Ireland are given a choice for change. I believe I can offer this.

We want to elect a TD that will work hard for the people of Cork North West. We need someone that can articulate the views of the people in a way that translates to National Politics. Someone we can proud of.

If you feel you or anybody you know can help please do get back to via email or telephone on 0870675420.

Please pass this on to anyone you know that might like to help.

Looking forward to hearing from you in due course.


Steven O’ Riordan

2 thoughts on “2016 General Election Campaign, Independent Candidate LOOKING FOR SUPPORT”

  1. Dear Steven,

    I was glad you included the Rural v. Urban Ireland issue among your priorities. Can I suggest that you put some ‘flesh on the bones’ of this issue by promoting the setting up of a Townland Planning Authority. It seems absurd to have several Town Planners and like institutions but none for the areas where the majority of people live.

    Jack Lane

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