LTV2 Millstreet Programme 245 Now Online

LTV2 Millstreet Programme 245 Now Online we hope you enjoy our latest Programme

Programme Schedule
00:00 Gloria sings in the Glen Theatre
02:00 Seán and Eily introduce the show. They talk about:
— 02:30 They discuss the LAMA Awards
— 06:45 The new outdoor gym in the Town Park
— 08:00 Dr. Pat Casey 50 years in Millstreet
— 10:10 upcoming Community Council Awards, Cullen Weigh in, the Local Lotto, visitors to the Harry Clarke window
13:13 Brendan & Seán talk about:
— 13:30 the dates for cutting hedges
— 15:00 a new safety device for detecting slurry gasses
17:40 New Years day charity swim at the Boeing – newly weds Colm and Sheila and lots of others take a dip in the icy Blackwater, and much fun ensues
— 26:10 Kathleen Barry (Chair of Arthritis Cork) talks to Seán
— 30:05 Bernard from Dublin
— 31:45 Speech by Kathleen Barry & …
36:45 Seán, Eily, and Willie in Studio discussing upcoming events
— Willie Fitzgerald talks about Cork Music Station
47:40 Gloria in concert in the Glen Theatre
56:00 Big Tom sings “You’re going out the same door you came in”
58:19 Show Ends

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