A Snowy Morning – wind, rain, and cold to come

2015-01-13 Snow on Mushera this morning - traditionally the coldest day of the year - Hillary's Day - photo by Donal Cashman
Snow on Mushera this morning – photo by Donal Cashman

Today is St. Hilary’s feast day, traditionally the coldest day of the year. So it was not unexpected that we awoke to a blanket of snow in town as well as the hills around us (it’s the second snowy morning this winter). We may get a few more flurries as the day goes on, but it could also be rain :-/.

But please be aware that the forecast for the next few days isn’t great. Tomorrow afternoon until Thursday is going to be very windy and wet too, and after that it will get cold barely getting above freezing during the day, and getting even colder at the weekend. More details below:



2015-01-13 The forecast ahead - snow wind and rain
Millstreet forecast from XCWeather.co.uk


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