Arrests in Millstreet (11th May 1916)


During the past week the military visited Millstreet and arrested the following members of the local Sinn Fein organisation—Messrs J. Twomcy, J. Buckley, J. Riordan, P. Carmody, L.Buckley, and M. Riordan. Accompanying the military were District Inspector Egan, Macroom, and Sergeant Mulcahy, Millstreet, assisted by some members of tho local force.

A Press Association Millstreet , Co. Cork, telegram states—Further arrests were made here yesterday morning in connection with the Sinn Fein movement, but attempts to secure arms and ammunition have been futile. Several persons are evading arrest and have taken to the hills. Three hundred Territorials have arrived.

(Cork Examiner – Thursday May 11th, 1916)

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  1. My grandfather, Jeremiah Reardon was 72 years of age when deported to Frongoch. I think he was the oldest internee. Michael Reardon was his son & was also interned. Note the spelling of the surname. The arrests which came a week after the executions of 1916 must have been a source of great concern to those arrested & their families & friends at home. Frongoch became known as the University of Revolution as it was here republicans from all over Ireland became acquainted & where they learned the craft of guerrilla warfare. In Frongoch there was resentment towards the Cork prisoners because of the inaction in the county during Easter Week 1916. Jeremiah Reardon’s response was : “Casement’s ghost won’t haunt Corkmen, but Casement’s ghost haunts Kerry.” This was in the company of Richard Mulcahy, Dick Fitzgerald & others.

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