Millstreet Coursing – Order of Running

2014-01-02 Millstreet Town Park in sunshine set up for coursingOrder of Running for the upcoming Millstreet Coursing Meet (ICC)

  • Friday 2nd, and Saturday 3rd of January (starting at 11:30am both days)
  • Friday : Twice through the Derby Trial Stakes and Oaks Trial Stakes. Once through North Cork Cup (after interval).
  • Saturday : Start with Tanyard Stake, Game Protection Cup and complete card.
  • Judge: Tony Reddan / Slipper: Sean McAuliffe / Asst Slipper: David O’Connor.

See below the runners draws and more (results added also):

North Cork Cup– Draw and Betting (read also the preview from the Crooked Slipper)

Fleetwood Ger- 10/1
Duarigle Mystic- 8/1Storming- 10/1
Knockrour Nash- 6/1Sarasota Silver- 10/1
In The Centre- 4/1Avenue Ranger- 3/1
Mafi Magician- 8/1
Lochbo Charlie- 3/1Roquefort Barney- 2/1
Hazors Wood- 10/1Droopys Bestie- 6/1
Blazing Music- 8/1Come On Bella- 10/1
Baby Mix- 10/1


preview from BoyleSports:

In Millstreet, the North Cork Cup is the main attraction and again like in Templetouhy there are dogs hungry for points so a win here is vital for a number of these runners. Both Avenue Ranger(3/1) and Lochbo Charlie(3/1) have two wins under their belts so a win or a runner up spot should seal the deal for these two. It will be far from a forgone conclusion for these two to reach the final because with dogs like Roquefort Barney(2/1), Alleyesonus(6/1), In The Centre(4/1) and Knockrour Nash(6/1) breathing down their necks it will not be an easy task. Lochbo Charlie hasn’t put a foot (or a paw!) wrong all season and I can see him taking the cup back to West Cork for his owners and trainers, the Spillanes from Bantry.




Once again this Year, Yvonne Harrington has a huge gallery of 168 photos from the Millstreet Coursing Meet: click here to see them on SmugMug

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  1. Survivors from the first day of coursing in Millstreet:

    North Cork Cup

    Duarigle Mystic v Storming
    In The Centre v Avenue Ranger
    Lochbo Charlie v Roquefort Barney
    Blazing Music v Baby Mix

    Derby Trial Stake

    A Nutter Matter (Murtys Blaze x Strideaway Smurf)
    Res A: Crafty Tornado (Tullamore x Crafty Estado)

    Swinging Light (Johnny Casanova x Cois Rumble)
    Walk Away Boy (Mafi Magic x Ballyshannon Tri)

    My Friend Paddy (Kyle James x Omera)
    Ballymore Ryan (Bexhill Eoin x Ballymore Venus)

    Downton Serbhe (Mafi Magic x Mountain Pride)
    Res B: Southwind Skibb (Aghadown Martin x Aghadown View)

    Oaks Trial Stake

    Tomasina (Thomas The Tank x Ashtown Amy)
    Rocking Diva (Mafi Magic x Lady Casanova)

    Why Tanyard Dara (Adios Alonso x Why Tanyardpenny)
    Lahard Frankie (Central City x Ballymac Frankie)

    Sameover Pixie (Johnny Casanova x Same Over)
    Follow Ur Dreams (Kyle James x Be On Time)

    Bated Breath (Adios Alonso x Exact Science)
    Shines City (Central City x Playitbyear)

    from the Crooked Slipper

    from the Examiner: MILLSTREET

    Judge. T. Reddan. Slipper. S. McAuliffe and D. O’Connor.

    Rebel Fitz North Cork Cup (16)
    First Round. Duarigle Mystic j.u. bt Fleetwood Ger; Storming 1l. bt Knockour Nash; In The Centre 5l. bt Sarasota Silver; Avenue Ranger 5l. bt Mafi Magician; Loch bo Charlie ¾l. bt Alleyesonus; Roquefort Benny 2½l. bt Hazors Wood; Blazing Music 1l. bt Droopys Bestie; Baby Mix 3l. bt Come On Bella.

    Derby Trial Stake (32)
    Second Round. A Nutter Matter 1½l. bt No Worries; Wewillbethere long lead. bt Mount Levers Tom; Swinging Light 3l. bt Callaway Go Mac; Walk Away Boy 2l. bt Kingtone Reilly; My Friend Paddy 2½l. bt Team Ike; Ballymore Ryan 3l. bt Pick Him Up; Downton Serbhe 6l. bt Restless Jimmy; Glenderry Mondo 5l. bt Roisins Ashmore.

    Oaks Trial Stake (32)
    Second Round. Tomasina 1l. bt Mikael; Rocking Diva 4l. bt Arcade Amy; Whytanyard Dara 2l. bt Glenhouse Guest; Lahard Frankie 1l. Barrack Mia; Sameover Pixie 1l. bt Big Dees Tank; Follow Ur Dream bt Cillowen Leader (loser unsighted); Bated Breath long lead. bt Ocean Malilda; Shines City 7l. bt Quick Result

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