Where it all began

In the video above (from 2009), Jerry Sheehan talks about how Millstreet Country Park came about


The Man Who Bought Bill Pad’s Mountain by Francis Duggan

The man who bought Bill Pad’s Mountain has physically known a better day
But that his life achievements will outlive him of him only fair to say
From a mostly bracken clad wilderness he created Millstreet Country Park
One can say of Jerry Sheehan in life he has made his mark

The man who bought Bill Pad’s Mountain is showing his years in gray
One who has proved that where there is the will there always is a way
He is one in his own lifetime who has seen his dream come true
For this he deserves great credit since credit is his due

The man who bought Bill Pad’s Mountain is one i may never meet
He has created wonders in the hills above Millstreet
He is one i only know of but that i may never get to know
In Millstreet Country Park he has created his own legend and his legend grow and grow

Many wealthy people take from Nature but to Nature he does give
The man who bought Bill Pad’s Mountain his life achievements him will outlive
His mother and his father in him did raise a great son
The respect and admiration of many he deservedly has won.

3 thoughts on “Where it all began”

  1. Just now saw the video (2009) of Jerry Sheehan that accompanied Francis Duggan’s reflection. What an amazing man Jerry Sheehan was/is. How visionary and generous to have created the beautiful Country Park which respects nature, the environment and attracts visitors from far and wide as well as the local community. It needs to be named Jerry Sheehan’s Millstreet Country Park!
    Thanks to Francis as well for writing in such a lovely way about the park and the man who brought it all about.

  2. I found Jerry Sheehan’s presentation to be really interesting. Millstreet Country Park is one of my favourite places, and I was lucky enough to meet Jerry during one of my visits there with my sister. It’s always a pleasure to meet Jerry who is, indeed, a generous, good-natured, good-humoured man.

  3. What a beautiful park, had a couple of enjoyable days their on my last visit to Millstreet. Especially enjoy the Hero’s walk of the tribute to the men who defended Irish freedom.

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