Dan Gould

I remember Dan Gould as an ageing man
He was then in the twilight of his lifetime span
He lived near Millstreet Town up the Cloghoula way
The passing of time had left him looking gray

He was a great road bowler in his life’s prime
One of the best in Cork and Ireland going way back in time
Till the biological clock did become his foe
He lived his last day many Seasons ago

A tall athletically built fellow unconceited by fame
Dan Gould O Sullivan was his real name
His road bowling days never heard him talk about
Though of his greatness ageing bowling fans never left me in doubt

To talk of his road bowling wins was not his thing
He left it to others his praises to sing
Though he had competed against and had often beaten the road bowling best
And was never found to be wanting when put to the test

Tall and athletic in his prime a man amongst road bowling men
At the big bowl scores he was the one to beat then
The Pride of Cloghoula near old Millstreet Town
To be a great road bowler his claim to renown.

“Dan Gould” is by Francis Duggan

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