“Millstreets Green and Gold” by the Kelt

THE KELT BANDS New Single, Millstreets Green and Gold
A tribute to Millstreets County Winning Junior Team


Millstreet’s Green and Gold
by The Kelts

Hon the Sraid is the roar and we’ll fight for every score,
we’ll stand beside each other come what may,
When the final whistle blows, every one of us will know,
they gave it all for Millstreets Green and Gold.

Two thousand and fourteen what a year for the Gold and Green,
We always hoped we’d see those days again,
T’was inside in Pairc Ui Rinn,
The county final we did win,
so boys it’s time to celebrate again


Many heroes in our team like Tadgh Collins from Doneen,
Dinny Twomey and Pa Coleman evergreen,
Young Beircheart is our rock, Danny Riordan and The Brock ,
Four Murphys, Two Sheehans in our flock.

So we say to our Captain now Michael Vaughan take a bow,
Kevin Crowley always gets us through somehow,
Let the ball be big or small sure Mark Ellis catches all,
And three cheers for the panel big and small.


That great night in Pairc Uí Rinn,
Four great subs we did bring in,
Patrick Randles, Denis Kiely, Dave McCaul,
Cathal Crowleys futures bright, sure he scored 1-1 that night
Up above us CHICO’S dancing with delight.


Of our club we are so proud, we will sing it aloud,
remembering past heroes on the way,
Coleman, Hartnett, Dinny Long, Humphrey Kelleher
so strong and many more we can’t fit in our song
So let the bonfires all burn bright, all over ‘Sraid tonight,
Let young and old remember this great day,
Our Bainisteoirs, We salute you, William, Thomas, Donagh too
and everyone who made this dream come true .


Written By Connie Linehan
Performed by the Kelts-Connie Linehan, Tom Flahive & Pat Bucke.


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