Millstreet Wins the County Final!

Sincere congratulations to the truly gallant Millstreet Footballers who have just won a hugely exciting County Final.  Lots of expert reports later by the experienced GAA reporters.    And we are just preparing a feature to illustrate the amazing support which has been demonstrated everywhere.   A royal welcome will await the Champions later tonight.   We shall keep you posted on developments.    (S.R.)

8 thoughts on “Millstreet Wins the County Final!”

  1. Congrats to players and management , on behalf of karl Fergal and myself Sydney salutes ye
    Tim , Colin Tadh please show the young fellas how to celebrate old school style

    Staid Abu

  2. Congratulations to my old team mates in the Management team and even a couple on the panel. Just listened to the last 5 minutes on the website – thrilling stuff.

    On the Sraid.

  3. Congratulations to the management and panel on a great result. I was listening on County Sound here in Qatar. I wish i was in town last night. As always i’m proud to be a Millstreet man.

  4. For years in the Cork County wilderness but then no surprise
    That the fortunes of Millstreet Gaelic Football Club are again on the rise
    Cork County Junior A Gaelic Football Champions for twenty fourteen
    On what was a memorable day for the fans of the gold and the green

    In Pairc Ui Rinn they defeated St Finbarrs in a come from behind victory
    The true spirit of Millstreet their loyal fans did see
    The hungry for success Millstreet came to Cork to win
    In sport as in life the will to succeed it comes from within

    As is always the case victory it is sweet
    They were led by the Pipe Band through the Town of Millstreet
    Their green and gold flags the fans waving in delight
    On what was for them quite a memorable night

    The news of Millstreet’s great win joyously received by Millstreet people everywhere
    Those who live far from home in the big World out there
    For love of the first homeplace in truth one can say
    For as long as the migrant does live in the migrant does stay

    Of Millstreet Teams and players of the past great memories to recall
    And good to know they are on the rise again in Gaelic Football
    With the will to win spirit of Millstreet Teams of old
    They brought joy to the fans of the green and the gold.

    “Millstreet On The Rise” is by Francis Duggan


  5. Congratulations to Millstreet GAA , the Junior A team and management. I’ve listened to the radio commentary and wish I could have been there.Thanks to for keeping us informed of this great achievement.Hopefully there will be many more.

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