Roots Query in the Millstreet Area

Historic pictureI am trying to trace a Jeremiah ( Jerry) Kelleher who lived in Millstreet or surrounding area before he left for America approx early 1900s. No further info re his home address is known.

He married Hannah Desmond from Cobra, Clondrohid ( my grand aunt) and they lived in 84 Forest Ave., Brockton, MA., USA.

They had a family of four ( all deceased), Eleanor, Joseph, Lillian ( RIP 1997) and Margaret. Jeremiah died in USA pre 1942.

Their Great Grand Daughter is visiting Ireland in the next two weeks ( 1st Oct 2014) and we would love to trace Jerry’s Millstreet roots and relations, anyone with any info please e-mail rogerosullivan or phone 087-2207491

Attached photo is Jeremiah and Hannah.

Many Thanks.

Roger O’Sullivan, Farran, Co.Cork………..We thank Roger for this query and would encourage anyone who may have relevant information to make contact with him. (S.R.)

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    1. Hi,
      My maiden name is Nora Kelleher, and I am a daughter of John Kelleher (1909-1986) and a great granddaughter of Cornelius & Margaret. I live near Mallow, Co. Cork. I would be obliged if you could pass on this contact to my American Cousin.
      Regards & thanks.

  1. Thanks to mary Hackett for going to so much trouble for finding the roots, records and relations of jeremiah in the essence of time before jeremiah’s great grand daughter returns back to the USA.
    Tomorrow we hope to visit the graveyard where Jeremiah’s brother Corneilus is burried, meet a direct cousin and see the homestead in Caherdowney

    Many thanks to all who took time to read our request for information, special thanks to John F Kelleher, Aubane facebook Page, Sean Radley, Millstreet Museum, Denis Murphy, Caherdowney and most of all big huge appreciation to mary Hackett from Roger on behalf Jeremiah’s family in New Hampshire US.

  2. Hello there,
    My great great great grandfather was a John Kelleher born in Millstreet in 1832. He married an Elizabeth Kenefick(also from Co Cork) in Wales in 1854. He moved to Teesside in the North East of England to get work in the steelworks and that’s where I’m from. It’s a long way back but could he have been an older relative of Jeremiah?

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