St. Johns’ Day – Mass and a Dance on Mushera

2014-06-24 St.John's Well Mass reminderMass will be celebrated at St John’s Well Mushera tomorrow night being the 24th June 2014 which is the feast of St John’s the baptist. It starts at 8.00 pm and the weather forecast is sunny with temps of 21 Degrees…

After mass the neighbouring parish Ballinagree will host a platform Dance just down the road at 9.00 pm til 11.00 pm to live music by Jerome Coakley…It is along time ago since a dance was held at this platform after the mass at St John’s Well. Well Done to Ballinagree in organising this…-(John F. Kelleher – Aubane FB) … and the weather promises to be good ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, this is bonfire night, so expect to see some bonfires on this lovely summer evening.

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  1. “… the Mushera Platform Dance is located in the townland of Maulnahorna, which is a townland situated in Carraiganima and in the parish of Clondrohid, In the community blog you stated that the dance took place in Ballinagree. Millstreet and Clondrohid Parish meet at the side of the entrance of Millstreet Country Park, situated on Mushera in the townland of Maulnahorna is the Dancing Platform, a cave, the original St. John’s Well on top of as well as the cross, …” – extract from an email of one of our readers.

    indeed the platform is in the townland of Maulnahorna ( and not Ballinagree as i indicated initially by accident )

    see the townlands map:,532510,583818,4,7

    … but i think the dance was organised by Ballinagree people. (please correct me if i’m incorrect)

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