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Eily says


County Elections.


Election day is drawing near, on Friday next May 23rd, we all have the privilege to go to the polling booths and vote. To have a vote is a wonderful thing, it gives us the power to choose the person who, in our opinion will work for us and our community in the months and years ahead.
It’s not an easy decision to make You see the posters on the walls and poles all over the country, all striving to get the go ahead for their own party or group. Picking one is just a game of chance, because you really don’t
know them, You’ll see the party they represent, but what of the individual. You just don’t know.

Here in Millstreet we need to be in no doubt, because we have only the one person to vote for and that of course is Noel Buckley. And I am appealing to everybody who has a vote to vote for Noel. He has been working tirelessly for our Community since long before many of the young people have votes today, were even born. Take a look around the Town of Millstreet and its environs. The Youth Centre, The Town Park, the improvements to the Town Square, The Wheelchair friendly footpaths, the brand new Astro Turf Pitch.etc.etc.etc. Outside of that Noel personally installed personal alarms to all the qualifying elderly in the whole region. As Chairman of the Community Council his efforts the make Millstreet a better place knows no
bounds. Co-Chairing the Weekly Lotto now in its 14th year, the proceeds of which has enhanced out local amenities beyond recognition.

Noel’s caring disposition makes him a very good listener and he has always done his upmost for everyone down the years. I could go on and on but my humble ability cannot tell you all that Noel Buckley Means to Millstreet. I have always had a great rapport with our young people, both with Living Scenes and other activities over the years, and it is to them now, as well as their parents, that I am appealing , begging you to come out and use your vote, Use it to keep Noel Buckley working for us as a member of Cork County Council. I have worked closely with Noel for many years and I am aware of the sacrifices and difficulties that he had to overcome on behalf of us all.

Please bear in mind that no one can work miracles, no matter who you vote for, he or she cannot turn the world around, But if anybody can make things better for us, it is Noel Buckley.

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