Millstreet Gym

                                   Millstreet Gym

gymopening times


membership rates

for Millstreet Community Gym


                                        Mon: 9-12

                                         Tues: 9-12 & 6-10pm

                                         Wed: 7.30-12 & 6-10pm

                                                      Thurs: 7.30-12

                                                        Fri: 9-12 & 5-10pm

                                                         Sat: 9-12 & 2-6pm

                                                         1 month membership – €20

                                                         3 months membership – €50

                                                      Pay as you go – €5

                                                          Students (over 16) – €3


1 thought on “Millstreet Gym”

  1. I have just heard that the Gym is closing. This is a shame coming into the winter months just when it may be used more.It is not well know that there is a gym in Millstreet, perhaps if it was advertised more it would be used more.

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