LTV2 Programme 228 (Number 8 of 2014 Season) Now Online

Programme 228 which will be broadcast tonight Thursday January 23 at 10.00pm with a repeat of this show being transmitted next  Sunday Evening January 26 at 8.00pm is now online. You can now watch our Eight Programme of the Season right here at or on the LTV2 Facebook Page
To receive reception one needs to retune analogue settings (available in menu “settings”). When scanning is complete one will now have the new channel – either UHF Channel 30 or UHF Channel 35 (or both in certain areas of Millstreet). All this depends on how strong the signal is in any given area. The UHF Channel 30 signal comes from the Carriganima direction whereas the UHF Channel 35 signal comes from the western side of Millstreet Town. This is now saved and is presently transmitting the EWTN (Religious) Channel.

Programmes of the 2013-2014 LTV2 Season

LTV2 Programme 1:  Edited by Seán Murphy
LTV2 Programme 2:  Edited by Bernard Crowley
LTV2 Programme 3:  Edited by Seán Radley
LTV2 Programme 4:  Edited by Willie Fitzgerald
LTV2 Programme 5:  Edited by Seán Murphy
LTV2 Programme 6:  Edited by Bernard Crowley
LTV2 Programme 7:  Edited by Seán Radley
LTV2 Programme 8:  Edited by Willie Fitzgerald

Programme Schedule

00:00 Matt Keane sings (he will play at the Pub, Carriganima on Match 8th)
04:00 Seán Radley and Sean Murphy introduce the programme with special guest Breda Piggott of Cork Music Station.
10:00 Eily’s Regional Report
15:47 Willie Fitzgerald and Mary Ankatel
16:40 Sean Murphy sings at the Coachford Batchelor Festival back in August 2013
18:30 Brendan Murphy and Jerry O’Riordan talk about Sean Murphy’s singing talent, the driverless car, and the Boeing Swim next Saturday
21:55 Footage of the Fin Whale that beached and died on Ballyheigue Strand in November 1994
29:47 Seán interviews Michael Piggott of Newmarket who plays the pipes with Newmarket Pipe Band, among other instruments.
35:15 At Cullen Community Centre for the 19th Annual Weigh in
46:50 Mary, Seán, and Eily close out the programme from the Cullen Studio
50:00 Michael English sings
1:00:36 Big Tom is going out the same way he came in
1:03:10 Programme ends

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