LTV2 Programme 227 (Number 7 of 2014 Season) Now Online

Programme 227 which was broadcast last Thursday 16 January is now online. You can now watch our Seventh Programme of the Season right here at or on the LTV2 Facebook Page
To receive reception one needs to retune analogue settings (available in menu “settings”). When scanning is complete one will now have the new channel – either UHF Channel 30 or UHF Channel 35 (or both in certain areas of Millstreet). All this depends on how strong the signal is in any given area. The UHF Channel 30 signal comes from the Carriganima direction whereas the UHF Channel 35 signal comes from the western side of Millstreet Town. This is now saved and is presently transmitting the EWTN (Religious) Channel.

LTV2 Programme 1:  Edited by Seán Murphy
LTV2 Programme 2:  Edited by Bernard Crowley
LTV2 Programme 3:  Edited by Seán Radley
LTV2 Programme 4:  Edited by Willie Fitzgerald

LTV2 Programme 5:  Edited by Seán Murphy

LTV2 Programme 6:  Edited by Bernard Crowley

LTV2 Programme 7:  Edited by Seán Radley

Programme Schedule

00:00 Seán Radley and Eily Buckley introduce the programme.
05:45 Eily’s Regional Report
11:32 Misc: Pommerit annual report
14:00 Seán interviews David Dennehy who was tracing his roots in Millstreet in October 2013
17:40 Willie Fitzgerald and Sean Murphy in studio talking about the storms, country music, and the Pub.
24:35 At the opening of the new playground in Rathmore
29:07 Interview with Michael Healy-Rea TD
30:51 Speeches at the opening of the new Playground in Rathmore (30th Nov 2013)
38:27 Brendan Murphy and Jerry O’Riordan talk about the dances in Carriganima in the old days, the weather, and going to Mars.
42:50 ‘Destiny of Fools’ from the Banteer Drama Group
53:17 Launch of Patricia O’Sullivan’s book “Irish Rascals” at the Ballyseedy Garden Centre in December

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