Millstreet Coursing Schedule & Lineup

Millstreet Coursing Club FRI/SAT 3rd/4th JAN (the 100th annual meeting)

Starting 11.30am both days @ Millstreet Town Park

Judge: Tony Reddan
Slippers: Martin Mulcahy & David O’Connor

Friday: Twice through Derby TS and Oaks TS. Once through North Cork Cup.
Saturday : Start with Tanyard Stake, Game Protection Cup and complete card.

Reserves in order:

1 : KINGSMILL ENCORE Kingsmill Dynamo ex Dillrock Nina
2 : BRANNIG RIODIEGO Musical Time ex Leigh Madam

3 : BIGSAM MACCORD Mafi Magic ex Westport Witch
4 : KINGTONE ACE Prevelence ex Oilean Dancer

5 : WHITE SASH Mafi Magic ex Moonveen Lola
6 : ECHO JOHNNY Johnny Casanova ex Dusty Track

7 : COLOSSAL ALSTAR Adios Alonso ex Cillowen Gra
8 : TRYINGTOCODME Murtys Blaze ex Madtogoagain

9 : RORYS ROCKET Boavista ex Mountain Guest
10 : PRONTO TONTO Eoin Rua ex Lone Dreamer

11 : WOODPARK MAGIC Mafi Magic ex Woodpark Rebel
12 : BALLYBUNION SEAN Kingsmill Dynamo ex Hollyoak Pegasus

13 : CROHANE TOM JOE Bexhill Eoin ex Moorstown Meena
14 : CONNORS EXPRESSO Kingsmill Dynamo ex Abbeyglen Cool

15 : KENNYS ROGER Johnny Casanova ex Speckled Wood
16 : KNOCKROUR NASH Johnny Casanova ex Knockrour Breeze

17 : TOBARMARTIN MATT Matt Hyland ex Callura Hunter
18 : SHIFT JOHNNYCASH Johnny Casanova ex Shift Queensland

19 : SIR IVOR Adios Alonso ex Yellow Diamond
20 : WORLDWIDE SWANK Mafi Magic ex Cearc Ghoir

21 : ISLE OF DREAMS Kingsmill Dynamo ex Eshwary Star
22 : FHINK FAST FRED Cross Country ex Wise Purchase

23 : ACRES GOLD Bexhill Eoin ex Qualityandgold
24 : MACRONEY MAGIC Mafi Magic ex Fingal Swagger

25 : LEITH LAD Bexhill Eoin ex Leith Lass
26 : MILLRIDGE DYNAMO Kingsmill Dynamo ex Adios Anna

27 : FORTFIELD KING Kingsmill Dynamo ex Fortfield Blonde
28 : RUSSMUR JER Kingsmill Dynamo ex Dolled Up

29 : WINTER OF FUN Bexhill Eoin ex Gingerbread Lady
30 : CHINOOK ZEBO Murtys Gang ex Party Flamingo

31 : BOSS RAZOR Razor Ashmore ex Lady Delight
32 : BALLYMORE GENIUS Central City ex Ballymore Trick

Reserves in order:

1 : MEATHANEXILE Trajectory ex Fingal Floss
2 : LEICTREACH Johnny Casanova ex Crosser

3 : SWEETEST MOMENT Matt Hyland ex Callura Hunter
4 : COME ON MOLLY Kingsmill Dynamo ex Bower Sign

5 : BARRACK EILE Murtys Blaze ex Barrack Becks
6 : CALLAWAY WEDGE Bexhill Eoin ex Wallace Bride

7 : SWANKY RAELEEN Adios Alonso ex Swanky Jean
8 : ROCK THE BOAT March Is On ex Big Maggie

9 : CAROLYN BEAUTY Razor Ashmore ex Playdate
10 : DEE TOPS Musical Time ex Cillowen Pearl

11 : QUATTRO SUZIE Bexhill Eoin ex Dash Of Glory
12 : DARKEYED SMURF Bexhill Eoin ex Uptown Smurf

13 : GEALT GLIC Bexhill Eoin ex Three Fools
14 : BITOFAHUNT Johnny Casanova ex Rushing

15 : BELORAN BELLE Bexhill Eoin ex Call Biddy
16 : MADAM MAGOO Kingsmill Dynamo ex Omera

17 : CRAFTY APOLLO Crafty Pedro ex Crafty Bonito
18 : TRIBUNAL SUPREMO Kingsmill Dynamo ex Lisloose Accord

19 : SUNBEAM Bexhill Eoin ex Carrick Candy
20 : SOCIETY POLLY Kingsmill Dynamo ex Lochbo Polly

21 : CLYDA PRINCESS Siena Steel ex Tea Party
22 : ELLIS ISLAND Kingsmill Dynamo ex Party Diva

23 : ON THE LINE Bexhill Eoin ex Kincora Kate
24 : SLIPPY GRACE Bexhill Eoin ex Magical Delight

25 : MAD FOR FUN Johnny Casanova ex Kilflynn Fairy
26 : GLENBOWEN BEAG Johnny Casanova ex Finuge Flower

27 : DYNAMIC KANU Kingsmill Dynamo ex Leigh Kanu
28 : HEREYESWEREBLUE Kingsmill Dynamo ex Herhairwasblak

29 : HARD TO BUY Johnny Casanova ex Hard To Sell
30 : SLI EILE Central City ex Ballymore Trick

31 : AGHABURREN BIRD Johnny Casanova ex Dusty Track
32 : GAME DIZZY Bexhill Eoin ex Game Roisin

Reserves in order:

1 : COLOSSAL IMPACT Kyle James ex Cillowen Gra
2 : SON OF STEEL Siena Steel ex Cleanaway Smurf

3 : JONNIE ONE Johnny Casanova ex Newinn Droopy
4 : AUSTERITY Dougal Town ex Aquarius

5 : SKELLIG EOIN Bexhill Eoin ex Qualityandgold
6 : CRACKING LORD Central City ex Lakyle Vacume

7 : LAHARD LEADER Soundmanpaddy ex Ballymac Frankie
8 : STORMING March Is On ex Beautiful Smile

9 : CHETWYND AMY Trajectory ex Scartview Laura
10 : LOCHBO ZOLA Bexhill Eoin ex Lochbo Polly

11 : SHANAVULIN EVA Castle Pines ex Billa Og
12 : CHOW CHOW Dougal Town ex Aquarius

13 : JERU MELODY Siena Steel ex Jeru
14 : COME ON BELLA Adios Alonso ex Tupele

15 : OILEAN SMILE Bexhill Eoin ex Beautiful Smile
16 : NOTGIVETOPADDY Bexhill Eoin ex Giveittocaesar


Reserves in order:

1 : ME ORTHE PARROT Soundmanpaddy ex Gers Girl
2 : TEAM BEYOND Adios Alonso ex Beyond Tivoli

3 : OUT OF PETROL Bexhill Eoin ex Gingerbread Lady
4 : DARLIN DIXIE Murtys Blaze ex Dixie Darlin

5 : CLEANAWAY SHANE Shaneboy Lee ex Cleanaway Misty
6 : RUSSMUR MICK Bexhill Eoin ex Kincora Kate

7 : MILLRIDGE LORD Bridge Lord ex Bridge Audio
8 : CASANOVA BABE Johnny Casanova ex Dusty Track

9 : LOHART LADY March Is On ex Ballybeg Samanta
10 : KNOCKNABOUL HERO College Causeway ex Razldazl Molly

11 : BARTLEMY SCOLARI Droopys Scolari ex Beanos Ash
12 : SUBURBAN SKY Ninja Jamie ex Marys Moment

13 : GLANMORE RONNIE Wallace Green ex Cleanglass Grace
14 : FLEETWOOD MARIA Westmead Hawk ex Drive On Fancy

15 : COOLEENS DYNAMO Kingsmill Dynamo ex Same Over
16 : KILLINUNA MAXI March Is On ex Southwind Molly


Reserves in order:

1 : OILEAN DAKTARI Slip The Lark ex Duarigle Squeek
2 : FIRE TO BURN Shaneboy Lee ex Dynamo Minnie

3 : SAMBA RANGER Blackstone Gene ex Burnpark Jet
4 : FIRE AND FLAME Christmas Box ex Dynamo Minnie

5 : CILL DUBH JEFF Ballyhoe Marble ex Cill Dubh Millie
6 : BOWER DYNAMO Kingsmill Dynamo ex Bower Sign

7 : NONSENSE SMOKEY Tynwald Smokey ex The Other Sense
8 : CLEANAWAY LEE Shaneboy Lee ex Cleanaway Misty

9 : JOKERS MOMENT Thurlesbeg Joker ex Marys Moment
10 : GLENROCK MUSIC Murtys Blaze ex Rock Music

11 : MILLRIDGE ANNA Kingsmill Dynamo ex Adios Anna
12 : BUTTERCUP BRAE Kinloch Brae ex Rafa Baby

13 : TOKENFIRE RENA Blackstone Gene ex Burnpark Jet
14 : UNIQUE BREDA Kinloch Brae ex Marbeck Star

15 : RENASUP BYPASS Mafi Magic ex Oilean Mystic
16 : BIG MAN BACK Ace Hi Rumble ex Carbon Dixie


see also: The Full line up of dogs and results as they come to hand

The Crooked Slipper blog: Eoin the Favourite for the North Cork Cup: a preview of the North Cork Cup

Videos of the : semi finals and finals:

All Age Cup Millstreet 2014 won by Cracking Lord

Derby Millstreet 2014 Echo Johnny

Oaks Millstree 2014 Barrack Eile

Game Protection Millstreet 2014 Glanmore Ronnie

Local Stake Millstreet 2014 Bower Dynamo

4 thoughts on “Millstreet Coursing Schedule & Lineup”

  1. Remaining dogs after Day 1 (from the Crooked Slipper Blog)

    North Cork Cup

    Son Of Steel v Jonnie One
    Cracking Lord v Storming
    Lochbo Zola v Chow Chow
    Come On Bella v Notgivetopaddy

    Derby Trial Stake

    1 : Kingsmill Encore (Kingsmill Dynamo x Dillrock Nina)
    6 : Echo Johnny (Johnny Casanova x Dusty Track)

    12 : Ballybunion Sean (Kingsmill Dynamo x Hollyoak Pegasus)
    16 : Knockrour Nash (Johnny Casanova x Knockrour Breeze)

    18 : Shift Johnnycash (Johnny Casanova x Shift Queensland)
    22 : Fhink Fast Fred (Cross Country x Wise Purchase)

    26 : Millridge Dynamo (Kingsmill Dynamo x Adios Anna)
    29 : Winter Of Fun (Bexhill Eoin x Gingerbread Lady)

    Oaks Trial Stake

    3 : Sweetest Moment (Matt Hyland x Callura Hunter)
    5 : Barrack Eile (Murtys Blaze x Barrack Becks)

    11 : Quattro Suzie (Bexhill Eoin x Dash Of Glory)
    16 : Madam Magoo (Kingsmill Dynamo x Omera)

    17 : Crafty Apollo (Crafty Pedro x Crafty Bonito)
    21 : Clyda Princess (Siena Steel x Tea Party)

    25 : Mad For Fun (Johnny Casanova x Kilflynn Fairy)
    31 : Aghaburren Bird (Johnny Casanova x Dusty Track)
    photos from Day 1 (127 photos)

    Photo: Millridge Dynamo owned by Donie O’Mahony

    Day 1 results listed on

    MILLSTREET: Judge: T Reddan. Slipper: D O’Connor.

    Rebel Fitz North Cork Cup (16) — First Round: Son of Steel 1l. bt Colossal Impact; Jonnie One 2l. bt Austerity; Cracking Lord 3l. bt Skellig Eoin; Storming 3l. bt Lahard Leader; Loch bo Zola 8l. bt Chetwynd Amy; Chow Chow ½l. bt Shanavullin Eva; Come On Bella 2l bt. Jeru Melody; Notgivetopaddy j.u. bt Oilean Smile.

    Derby Trial Stake (32) — Second Round: Kingsmill Encore j.u. bt Bigsam Maccord; Echo Johnny 1l. bt Tryingtocodme; Ballybunion Sean 1l. bt Power To Deliver; Knockrour Nash 2l. bt Connors Tom Joe; Shift Johnnycash a bye. Worldwide Swank (withdrawn); Fhink Fast Fred 5l. bt Acres Gold; Millridge Dynamo 1l. bt Fortfield King; Winter For Fun 4l. bt Ross Razor.

    Oaks Trial Stake (32) — Second Round: Sweetest Moment 8l. bt Leictreach; Barrack Eile bt Rock The Boat (loser injured); Quarttro Suzie 2l. bt Dee Tops; Madam Magoo long lead. bt Bitofashunt; Crafty Apollo 3l. bt Sunbeam; Clyda Princess 3l. bt On The Line; Mad For Fun 1l. bt Dynamic Kanu; Aghaburreen Bird 3l. bt Sli Eile.

  2. Results from day 2

    North Cork Cup Final
    Cracking Lord (Central City x Lakyle Vacume) beat the local favourite and last year’s winner Come On Bella

    Derby Trial Stake Final
    Echo Johnny (Johnny Casanova x Dusty Track) beat Winter Of Fun (Bexhill Eoin x Gingerbread Lady)

    Oaks Trial Stake Final
    Barrack Eile (Murtys Blaze x Barrack Becks) beat Aghaburren Bird (Johnny Casanova x Dusty Track)

    Results are from the Crooked Slipper blog

    Photos of Day 2 of the meet can be seen from Yvonne Harrington’s Photo Blog

    There was a bit of controversy with the judges decision in the semi-final of the Cup. see:
    “@ICC_Coursing That decision in the second semi-final of the cup in Millstreet today was an absolute disgrace and the Irish Coursing Club as a whole should be ashamed. I have to utmost respect for Judge’s and Slipper’s alike but when a bitch is up by two clear lenghts with photo evidence to prove, then it is unacceptable to allow the wrong decision to stand. When the crowd approach both Judge and Slipper and also the president of the ICC Mr. Divilly then reason to recheck the decision should be allowed. If the Judge cannot call the decision then he should not be allowed to make it. Reforms in coursing are needed immediately and having a second official judge would be a good place to start. Never in my life have I been so furious with the flaws in the coursing system. I can only hope this message gets through and something can be done for future seasons”

    Below are Photos of the Winners (click to see them full size)

    2014-01-04 At Millstreet Coursing Clubs Centenary Meeting the Working Members Tanyard Stake was win by Bower Dynamo-800

    2014-01-04 Millstreet Coursing Club celebrated their 100th meeting this year . The Game Protection Cup is run for residents of Cork County and was won by Glanmore Ronnie-800

    2014-01-04 Millstreet Coursing Club celebrated their 100th meeting this year where Echo Johnny won the Derby Trial Stake-800

    2014-01-04 Millstreet Coursing Club ran their 100th annual meeting this week where Cracking Lord won the All Age Cup, trained in Cork by John Kiely-800

    2014-01-04 The Winner of the Oaks Trial Stake at Millstreet Coursing Clubs Centenary meeting was Barrack Eile-800

  3. Watch the videos of the semi-finals and final of the All Age Cup at Millstreet Coursing on Saturday 4th Jan, which was won by Cracking Lord, beating local dog Come On Bella in the final:
    All Age Cup Millstreet 2014 won by Cracking Lord
    Derby Millstreet 2014 Echo Johnny
    Oaks Millstree 2014 Barrack Eile–lQM8
    Game Protection Millstreet 2014 Glanmore Ronnie
    Local Stake Millstreet 2014 Bower Dynamo

    More details / photos etc on the Millstreet Coursing facebook page

  4. Peader’s Prize trained in Kanturk By James Manley and Pats Newdown owned and trained by Dan Halloran of Knocknagree
    Remain as the only Duhallow dogs to claim outright victory
    In the North Cork Cup in the Town Park in Millstreet Town
    I was there on the days that they raced to renown
    This is going back in time some three decades ago
    And time as we know becomes everyone’s foe
    Only one Duhallow bitch owned and trained by father and daughter Teddy and Chloe Collins has reached the North Cup Final since then
    In coursing all aged cups are always very hard for to win
    Since Peader’s Prize and Pat’s Newdown time many coursing Seasons have come and gone
    And park coursing in Ireland it is living on
    Nowadays the coursing dogs are muzzled a change for the better it does seem
    Though coursing remains as a classified blood sport and by many not held in high esteem
    And only two Duhallow coursing dogs the North Cork Cup have won
    Like all things in life it is never easy for to win when all is said and done.

    ‘Only Two Duhallow Dogs’ is by Francis Duggan


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