LTV2 Programme 222 (Number 2 of 2013/2014 Season) Now Online

Programme 222 which will be broadcast Tonight Thursday 21 November at 10.00 is now online. You can now watch our Second Programme of the New Season right here at or on the LTV2 Facebook Page and this Programme will be repeated next Sunday Evening November 24 at 8.00pm

To receive reception on your Television one needs to retune analogue settings (available in menu “settings”).   When scanning is complete one will now have the new channel – either UHF Channel 30 or UHF Channel 35 (or both in certain areas of Millstreet).   All this depends on how strong the signal is in any given area.   The UHF Channel 30 signal comes from the Carriganima direction whereas the UHF Channel 35 signal comes from the western side of Millstreet Town.  This is now saved and is presently transmitting the EWTN (Religious) Channel.  Programme Schedule

00:00 Mick McDonald sings The Truckers Wallet
04:30 Intro in studio with Seán Radley, Eily Buckley, and Seán Murphy
15:40 Eily’s Regional Report
22:15 Johnny Bremner sings An old fashined girl
24:45 Brendan Murphy and Jerry Sheehan talk about the coming winter, leaves, a 130 year old Mountain Ash on Mount Leader (the biggest and oldest in the country), berries and birds.
30:50 TR Dallas sings the Pub Song
36:20 Fr. James McSweeney at the reopening of the dancing platform on the side of Mushera. There’s dancing, great views, there’s a speech by Neily Coakley on the pattern day years ago, the official opening by Fr.Jackie Corkery, and interview with Jackie Spillane, an interviews with Rita O’Sullivan, Dick Dineen, Dan Healy and Mary Lane, and Mary ?.
1:00:00 Things don’t always go right when recording !
1:01:05 Paddy O’Brien sings Until Next Time

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