Vintage Hard Plastic Doll in Traditional Irish Costume

2013-11-06 Doll made in Millstreey by Celtic Toys 012013-11-06 Doll made in Millstreey by Celtic Toys 02

This doll which was made in Millstreet by the old Celtic Toys on Pound Hill went up on eBay this week. The description is:  “Vintage hard plastic doll in traditional Irish costume. The doll is fixed to the base of the display case and stands about 5″ tall – the display case with lid is approx 6″ tall. States on the label “all irish made souvenir by Celtic Toys Millstreet, Co Cork”

see the full advert on eBay

5 thoughts on “Vintage Hard Plastic Doll in Traditional Irish Costume”

  1. Michael — Thanks again for the ‘Heads Up’. I’ve secured the little lady and asked that she be posted to Sean Radley, at the Millstreet Museum. I didn’t want the OTHER doll to feel all alone . . .

  2. A million thanks Bob for so kindly acquiring a “Doll Companion” for your original Clara Toy Doll now proudly displayed at Millstreet Museum….and much admired by Museum Visitors.

    1. I am only too happy to have the opportunity to return this small piece of Millstreet history. Our little lady should arrive any day. Please let me know when you receive her so I can properly credit the seller.

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