In Passing – January 2010

In Passing
by Seán Radley (January 2010)

Rare Winter
People recalled the snows of 1982, 1963 and 1947 as we witnessed one of the coldest Winters in decades. Considering the fact that for days major heating and water supply difficulties were experienced by many of us I doubt if anyone will be booking a holiday to either the North or South Pole anytime soon! One uplifting benefit, however, was the capturing of truly rare and superbly picturesque snow pictures over the prolonged period. These have been shared on , on Facebook and on “The Corkman” – especially the images of the very creative igloo at Old Coach Avenue, Millstreet and of the “Gigantic Ice Fish” image (identified by Margaret Kelleher, Mount Leader when she saw the many Blackwater digital images) created by the snow at the Boeing by the River Blackwater which contained long stretches of ice not seen for decades. My sincere thanks to Humphrey Hickey for bravely transporting me to the Boeing for those rare images and to Seán Murphy who courageously drove me to Liscahane to capture the unique igloo images. And the availability of a School Texting facility to advise Parents regarding school closures and openings (due, for example, at Presentation N.S., Millstreet, to a broken furnace, burst pipes, ceilings collapsing, classrooms flooded etc.) was a tremendous advantage where we are now able to simultaneously send out multiple texts to hundreds. While we really experienced a Winter Wonderland for a few days we are also so very glad that a milder winter has now been replacing such extreme conditions. Roll on the uplifting Spring (and even the daffodil shoots are already emerging) and a warm Summer.

Our Faithful Departed
Over the past few weeks many good people have sadly gone to their Eternal Reward. The lives of many have been enriched by having known such people. May they all rest in peace. We especially remember the following: Canon Dan Cronin, Gneeveguilla; Ted Lyons, Station Road, Millstreet; Margaret O’Connor (nee Healy), Kilmeedy; Michael J. Cronin (Snr.), Shrone; Pat O’Connell, Tullig; John Cahill,Coolikerane; Andrew Walsh, Cullen; Mary Cashman, Gortrue, Lombardstown (mother of Elizabeth Linehan, Dooneen); Kevin Mannix, Gortmore, Banteer; Margaret O’Hare, Cloghoula House, Millstreet; Timothy Falvey, Cullen & Gneeveguilla; Ellen (Nell) Hickey, Mill View, Millstreet.

“Millstreet Miscellany No. 3”
Regarding this new superb Aubane Historical Society’s publication, Jack Lane comments: “This is another collection of items on Millstreet town and its environs. Its purpose, as with previous publications from Aubane, is to
locate and make available as many information sources as possible on the area so that its fuller history can be recorded, made available and appreciated.
This collection includes reports by a number of visitors to the town, a collection of poems, items on a number of historical figures and local families, a number of illustrations and a collection of new sources on the area’s history.
It is dedicated to Seán Radley in recognition of his services to Millstreet.
It is on sale at Wordsworths, The Square, Millstreet and costs 15 Euro.”
It is indeed an honour to have such an excellent book so very kindly dedicated to oneself by the esteemed historian, Jack Lane. Having already received a copy in advance of the official launch at Aubane Community Centre in mid-February 2010 I have already discovered gems of very interesting information such as the location of the only five small cabins which existed in Millstreet before 1736 (as indicated in the Notes of the late Maurice Murray-O’Callaghan) – these were located in the Square from Claudio’s Restaurant right down to O’Leary Family Butcher Store. Jack’s latest book is undoubtedly going to be a best seller and one is strongly advised to acquire a copy before it becomes a true collector’s item.

Congrats. to Billy & Ellen Sheahan of the Wallis Arms Hotel which has recently undergone a magnificent renovation. The official opening at a recent Re-launch Party (28th Nov. 2009) was performed by the renowned and nationally popular Alan Shortt (O’Mahony).

LTV2 Millstreet now has its own Facebook site as well as a new dedicated U-Tube website where one may view short sequences from various programmes…thanks to Bernard Crowley. To discover these links visit Upcoming programmes include special features on Millstreet Country Park and Rural TV incorporating an interview in Cork with Hugh O’Brien.

We, in Millstreet Museum Society, still await official confirmation of agreement and permission to enter the designated room at Carnegie Hall, Millstreet as a centre for our Local Museum and Tourist Information Point. Cllr. Noel Buckley has recently indicated that the process is ongoing and will hopefully be concluded soon.

Many people have noted the magnificent new Holy Water container – a special churn surrounded by an exquisite covering so very creatively wood carved by Dan Duggan, West End who also has the honour of being the very first name in the Golden Book of Donors because Dan was the first person to be baptised at St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet in the 1930s. We believe also that it was on Dan’s wise suggestion to incorporate the pulpit as part of the main altar setting that now we have one of the most aesthetic lecterns so very skilfully constructed from the original pulpit. Rich praise is deserved by all who have been involved in the overall restoration of our Parish Church. It is a true joy to behold.

Within a few short weeks Eily Buckley’s Regional News on C103 will reach the magical one thousandth report – yes indeed No. 1,000 ! – what a truly unique achievement and what a voluntary service has been delivered in the most cheerful and splendid manner by a superb communicator since the early days of County Sound. Sincere congratulations, Eily, on reaching such a significant milestone on your consistently interesting and hugely popular weekly reports received by thousands of local radio listeners. In recent times of course one can view, anywhere in the world, each of Eily’s Regional Reports on .

Thought for reflection: “Success is how high one bounces when one hits bottom!”

“In Passing” is a regular column in the Clara News

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