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These two images introduce us to a new webpage which will outline the building programme at the school, the fund-raising efforts, the progress of the actual building and how the challenging task is being addressed with courage and inspiring dedication.


A dedicated team of helpers (mainly parents of children who are, have or will be attending the school) preparing the fund-raising literature at Presentation N.S., Millstreet on Tuesday, 2nd june 2009.

Minister for Education and Science, Batt O’Keeffe on Tuesday, 2nd June 2009 reviews progress of the current Building Programme at Presentation N.S., Millstreet. Regular updates will appear on the rapid advancement of the important project.

The Presentation Sisters provided education for the children of Millstreet since the 1840’s. The first school was built as a result of strong conviction, great courage and tremendous sacrifice. Since then, generations of parents continued to make sacrifices for the good of their children. Today, that faithful tradition continues in the people of Millstreet. It is also reflected in the school staff, as they strive to continue working in the spirit of Nano Nagle who said: “Look after the children.”

  • For 169 years the school has served the children of Millstreet parish well.
  • Over the decades, the school structure changed to accommodate the changing times. The present school was built in 1978 and is in need of maintenance and a two classroom extension.
  • Such an undertaking will ensure the school is in good condition to continue serving the educational needs of the children of the parish now, and into the future.
  • Importantly, it will allow us to follow in the footsteps of our parents and grandparents in shaping a shaping a legacy for our children and grandchildren.


  • The parish very generously donated a half acre site to the school on which to build the extension and to make provision for a green area.
  • The extension consists of two very spacious classrooms and a toilet for People with Special Needs.
  • Access to storage space in the attic is included in the extension.
  • The extension will have its own furnace for heating.


  • The ‘shared area’ is being removed and the space is being used to enlarge a classroom and provide two language rooms.
  • The walls will be fire-proofed.
  • Insulating the roof and walls of the whole school is also envisaged.


The Department of Education and Science gave the Board of Management a promise of money for two prefabs. After much persuasion, we were allowed to use the money to build a permanent structure rather than accept the undesirable prefabs. Our project is the first of its kind in Ireland. We are setting a trend! This building is necessary for the current numbers in the school and will have a lasting value for the future. Securing funds to complete the necessary work provides us with an extraordinary challenge but a special opportunity. Again, we need the necessary courage, generosity of spirit and resolve of the Sisters and the local people who built the first school in famine times in the 1840’s. To accomplish the extensive development and restoration project, we need the support of the parents, past pupils, the local community and business community.

We need to raise 90,000 euro to meet the shortfall from the Department of Education and Science.


The work began on Tuesday the 14th April and is expected to be completed by the end of August, all going well. The school will be more spacious, comfortable and inviting for the children when they begin their new academic year in September 2009.


In supporting the project, you are investing in the education of the children of the parish of Millstreet. They are worth it! To ensure successful completion of the school for September, it is essential that every family consider making a contribution. We acknowledge that these are difficult times, and we are placing our trust in your generosity of spirit to provide some finance.


Buy: A Foundation stone … 200 euro

A Cornerstone … 100 euro

A Brick … 50 euro

A Slate … 25 euro

The Board of Management encourages families who have been educated in the school to, either individually or collectively, contribute generously to the Presentation Building Project.
All who contribute will have their names enrolled in the Presentation Golden Book which will be preserved for posterity in the school
Please return your contribution to the distributors or any of the following members of the Board of Management:

Sr. Noreen Quilter, Chairperson of the Board
Ms. Joan O’Mahony, Secretary of the Board & School Principal.
Ms. Sheila Sherlock, Treasurer of the Board.
Mr. Sean Radley, Member of the Board.

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