MonsterMac 2013 Volunteers




offered an opportunity for a Millstreet based charity or club to raise funds by volunteering to Marshal and help at the Saturday April 27th adventure race hosted in the Country Park.

We now have 5 entries for the €800 prize for a minimum of 25 volunteers 


Aubane Social, COPE, LTV2, Millstreet Macra & Millstreet Development


Each will provide a representative (or two or ten!!)

to meet in the

Wallis Arms

Friday 15th March at 8pm. 

We’ll invite each of the applicants to say a few words about why they have applied and what they would use the money for (if their name came out of the hat!!).  We’ll have a short chat about MonsterMAC and then we’ll have the draw (it will be less than an hour).

Everyone welcome,

there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the race for participants whether signed up for the race or still thinking about it.

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