Disability Financial Talk at IRD Duhallow on Tuesday, 26th February at 7.30pm


Information Seminar on this Issue will take place on Tuesday February 26th at 7.30p.m.

IRD Duhallow is seeking to hold a special needs financial talk as it is clear that with the impact of the economy affecting all parents who have children with special needs we are sure you will get great information, tips and strategies to improve your family’s personal financial situation. The financial talk will cover how budget 2013 will affect your family, tighter rules for entitlements and benefits, how to apply and appeal a decision, how to write a will to protect your child’s future, how to choose the right guardians and trustees, changes to your child’s inheritance and savings and strategies to create a brighter financial future for your child. It is important that all families regardless of their personal circumstances can benefit from expert advice in this area.

Registration is essential for this seminar so please contact Mary McHugh on 029 60633 for more information.

We thank Mary McHugh for this important update.  (S.R.)

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