Golf Society 2004 – 2006

All the Golf society data from the old Millstreet website is here:


The first meeting of the Millstreet Golf Society took place in 1980 in Edie Reardon’s Bar, present were Frankie Reen, Brendan Kiely, Michael Feeley and Tom Collins. Brendan Kiely has been a member of the committee without break since its foundation and was made an honorary member of society at the AGM of November 2004.  Michael Feeley was the first Captain and Frank Reen Snr was the first President.
The first outing took place in Kanturk Golf Club.

Year Captain President
1982 Michael Feeley Frank Reen
1983 Johnny O’Keeffe Brendan Kiely
1984 ColmanCulhane Seamus Maxwell
1985 Frankie Reen Bill O’Keeffe
1986 Declan Dennehy Sonny Horgan
1987 John Casey Jim Barrett
1988 Edmond Neville Johnny O’Keeffe
1989 Padraig Looney Colman Culhane
1990 Michael Dennehy Tom Fox
1991 Barry Fraiser Kevin Lucey
1992 Liam Gallagher Sylvester Murphy
1993 Chris Twomey Frank Reen
1994 Eamon McCaul Martin Moran
1995 Joe O’Mahony Dan Murphy
1996 John O’Sullivan Tony Sheehan
1997 Sylvester Murphy Michael Feeley
1998 Gordon O’Keeffe Frankie Reen
1999 Denis Hickey Andy Quirke
2000 Tommy Burke Peter Lawlor
2001 John Twomey John Randles
2002 John Cronin Denis Murphy
2003 Padraig Sheehan John Lawlor
2004 Colm O’Connor Eamon McCaul
2005 Connie Cotter Michael Dennehy



Venue Date Tee Time Competition
Lee Valley Sunday       27/03/05 11.15a.m. – 13p.m. 3 person team
Dooks Sunday       24/04/05 10.00a.m. – 12p.m. 3 person team
Kanturk Sunday       12/06/05 11.00a.m. – 13p.m. Captains prize
Castleisland Sunday       21/08/05 10.00a.m. – 12.30p.m. Presidents prize
Killarney Saturday      29/10/05 10.30a.m. – 13.00p.m. 25th Anniversary
Beaufort Wednesday 28/12/05 09.30a.m. – 12.00p.m. 3 person team

Other dates for your diary

Castleisland Saturday 16/07/05 08.00a.m. – 18.00p.m. GAA Classic
Kanturk Saturday 17/09/05 08.00a.m. – 18.00p.m. Tidy Towns Classic



Millstreet  Golf  Society
Killorglin GC 10/09/2006
12:00 Michael Dennehy Sylvie Murphy Don O’ Riordan
12:08 Tim Murphy John Randles Colm O’ Connor
12:16 Jim O’ Sullivan D.J. McCarthy Peter Lawlor
12:24 Con Meade Arthur Murphy Matthew Dennehy
12:32 Tony McCaul Dan Daly Brendan Hickey
12:40 Hugh O’ Connor Derry Sheehan Patrick Lawlor
12:48 John O’ Sullivan Paddy Roche Eamon O’ Connor
12:56 Eamon McCaul Eoin Hegarty John Lawlor
13:04 Chris Twomey Padraig Sheahan Michael Dineen
13:12 Caoimh Sheahan Gordon O’ Keeffe Denis Hickey
13:20 Jeremiah Keating Connie Cotter Tommy Burke
13:28 Niall Buckley John Twomey Pat Buckley
13:36 Anthony Dennehy Noel O’ Connor Eamon Tarrant
13:44 Tom Flahive Liam Burke
Presentation of prizes in the Bridge Bar @ 9:00 PM.
Day Sponsor’s
Avonmore Electrical
Donagh Hickey Motors
K &L Deliveries
Millstreet  Golf  Society
Kanturk GC 11/06/2006
10:30 Colm O’Connor Don O’ Riordan Jesten Dineen
10:38 Jim O’Sullivan D.J. McCarthy John Randles
10:46 Liam Burke Tim Murphy Michael McCarthy
10:54 John Murphy Thomas Murphy Anthony Barry
11:02 Donagh McAuliffe Jerry O’Leary Brendan Hickey
11:10 Michael Dennehy Denis Cremin Barry Fraiser
11:18 Owen Hegarty Patrick Lawlor Eamon Tarrant
11:26 Eamon McCaul Don O’Connor John O’Keeffe (Snr)
11:34 Peter Lawlor John O’Sullivan Tom Flahive
11:42 Denis Twomey Matthew Dennehy Tim O’Donoughue
11:50 Denny Twomey Hugh Twomey Jeremiah Keating
11:58 Con Meade Tony McCaul Arthur Murphy
12:06 Aidan McAuliffe Pat Buckley Niall Buckley
12:14 Connie Cotter Denis Hickey Padraig Sheahan
12:22 Michael Feeley Caoimh Sheahan Johan Twomey
12:30 Paddy Roche Chris Twomey Anthony Dennehy
12:38 Frankie Reen Tom Fox Noel O’ Connor
Presentation of prizes  THE BRIDGE BAR at 9:30 pm
Day Sponsor’s
Reen’s Pharmacy
Eamon Tarrant Garage
Senator Windows
Millstreet  Golf  Society
Harbour Point GC 07/05/2006
11:00 Liam Dennehy Dan Murphy Michael Dennehy
11:08 Edmund Neville Anthony Barry Timmy Murphy
11:16 Caoimh Sheahan James Burke Thomas Murphy
11:24 Tim Kiely Dan Daly Denis Twomey
11:32 Denis Kiely Tony McCaul Michael McCarthy
11:40 Patrick Lawlor Gordon O’ Keeffe Arthur Murphy
11:48 Donagh McCarthy Tommy Burke Liam Burke
11:56 John Twomey Brian O’ Riordan Paddy Roche
12:04 Anthony Dennehy Denis Cremin Jerry O’ Connor
12:12 John O’ Keeffe (Jnr) Tom Flahive Patrick Randles
12:20 Denis Hickey Con Meade Noel O’ Connor
12:28 Eamon O’ Connor Connie Cotter Denny Twomey
12:36 Michael Dineen John O’ Sullivan Jestin Dineen
12:44 Brendan Hickey Hugh O’ Connor Jeremiah Keating
Padraig Sheahan
Day Sponsor’s
Mulcahy’s Pharmacy
Allied Irish Bank
Lucey Motors
Lee Valley GC 16/04/2006
11:40 Edmund Neville Eamon McCaul Colin O’ Mahony
11:47 Peter Lawlor Anthony Barry Arthur Murphy
11:54 John Twomey Don O’ Connor John Randles
12:01 Caoimh Sheahan Padraig Sheahan John Murphy
12:08 Patrick Lawlor Jimmy O’ Sullivan Thomas Murphy
12:15 Donal Kelleher Pat Buckley Paul Cassidy
12:22 Niall Buckley Tommy Burke Eamon Tarrant
12:29 Tony McCaul Brian O’ Riordan Noel O’ Connor
12:36 Donagh McAuliffe Tom Fox Jerry O’ Leary
12:43 Frank Reen John O ‘Sullivan Michael Dennehy
12:50 Denny Murphy Hugh O’ Connor Liam Burke
12:57 Brendan Hickey Connie Cotter Paddy Roche
13:04 Denis Hickey Aidan McAuliffe Timmy Murphy
13:11 John Lawlor Tom Flahive Matthew Dennehy
Day Sponsor’s
Coleman’s Garage
Bank of Ireland
McCaul’s Hardware
Lee Valley GC 26/03/3006
11:30 Derry O’ Hare John O’ Sullivan John Randles
11:38 Denny Murphy Peter Lawlor Jestin Dineen
11:46 Edmund Neville Tommy Burke Jerry O’ Connor
11:54 Anthony Dennehy John O’ Keeffe Paddy Roche
12:02 Donal Kelleher Jimmy O’ Sullivan John Murphy
12:10 Niall Buckley Denis Hickey Hugh O’ Connor
12:18 Eamon O’ Connor Brian O’ Riordan Michael Dennehy
12:26 Liam Dennehy Padraig Sheahan Brendan Kiely
12:34 Caoimh Sheehan Tom Flahive Connie Cotter
12:42 Chris Twomey Donagh McAuliffe Arthur Murphy
12:50 Brendan Hickey Declan Dennehy Noel O’ Connor
12:58 Frank Reen Dan Daly Eamon Tarrant
13:06 Patrick Lawlor Tom Fox Liam Burke
13:14 John Lawlor Pat Buckley Matthew Dennehy
Day Sponsor’s
Coleman’s Garage
Bank of Ireland
Scramble – Beaufort GC 28/12/2005
09:30 Donagh McCarthy Pat Buckley Michael McCarthy
09:38 Michael Dineen Pat Dineen Thomas Murphy
09:46 Fergal Collins Padraig Sheahan Matthew Dennehy
09:54 Colm O’ Connor Tom Fox Colin O’ Mahony
10:02 John Twomey John O’ Sullivan Owen Hegarty
10:10 Tim O’ Donoughue Gordon O’ Keeffe John Cronin
10:18 Denny Murphy Tommy Burke Eamon McCaul
10:26 Michael Feeley Tony McCaul Brendan Kiely
10:34 Chris Twomey Anthony Barry Arthur Murphy
10:42 Eamon O’ Connor Connie Cotter Jeremiah Keating
10:50 John Lawlor Tom Flahive Paddy Roche
10:58 Frankie Reen Denis Hickey John Randles
11:06 Brendan Hickey Jimmy O’ Sullivan John Murphy
11:14 Anthony Dennehy Declan Dennehy Jestin Dineen
11:22 Kevin McCarthy Dan Daly Michael Dennehy
Day Sponsor’s
Centra ( Mr. Anthony Dennehy)
DCP Plastics ( Mr. Padraig Sheahan)
The Bridge Bar
Please check to see if the course is open the telephone number of Beaufort GC is   064) 44440
Presentation of prizes in the Bridge Bar at 7:30.
25th Anniversary Outing – Killarney GC 12/11/2005
08:50 Colm O’ Connor Denis Cremin
08:58 Thomas O’ Leary Michael Dennehy John Moynihan
09:06 Jerry Pat O’ Leary D.J. McCarthy
09:14 Matthew Dennehy Arthur Murphy Kevin McCarthy
09:22 Liam Burke Jimmy O’ Sullivan Donie Kiely
09:30 Joe Mulcahy Dan Daly Con Meade
09:38 Anthony Dennehy Niall Buckley Caoimh Sheahan
09:46 Padraig Sheahan John Twomey Jeremiah Keating
09:54 John Randles John Cronin Sylvie Murphy
10:02 Liam Dennehy Michael Dineen Eamon O’ Connor
10:10 Tim O’ Donoughue Noel O’ Connor Don O’ Connor
10:18 Paddy Roche Brendan Hickey Tom Flahive
10:26 Denis Hickey Connie Cotter Brian O’ Riordan
10:34 Brendan O’ Keeffe Hugh Twomey Hughie O’ Connor
10:42 Gordon O’ Keeffe Dan Murphy Barry Fraiser
10:50 John Lawlor Tommy Burke Denis Kiely

Day Sponsors:

Lucey Motors
Brittany Insurances
Avonmore Electrical

Please check to see if the course is open the telephone number of Killarney GC is   064) 31034
Presentation of prizes in Killarney GC.
Captain’s Prize – Kanturk GC 12/06/05
10:30 Donagh McCarthy Jack Murphy Jeremiah Keating
10:38 Michael Dennehy Donagh McAuliffe John O’ Keeffe (Snr)
10:46 Eamon Tarrant Liam Burke Tommy Burke
10:54 Tadgh O’ Flynn Hugh Twomey Tim Kiely
11:02 Kevin McCarthy Denis Kiely Michael McCarthy
11:10 Brendan O’ Keeffe Owen Hegarty Eamon McCaul
11:18 Paddy Roche John Twomey Brendan Kiely
11:26 Barry Fraser James Burke Arthur Murphy
11;34 Matthew Dennehy Chris Twomey John O’ Sullivan
11:42 John Mannix Brendan Hickey Jim O’ Sullivan
11:50 John Lawlor Padraig Sheahan John Cronin
11:58 Niall Buckley Caoimh Sheahan Con Meade
12:06 Peter Lawlor John Randles John O’ Keeffe (Jnr)
12:14 Robert Sheehan Brian O’ Riordan Edmund Neville
12:22 Anthony Barry Frankie Reen Dan Murphy
12:30 Patrick Lawlor Colm O’ Connor Denis Hickey
12;38 Anthony Dennehy Pat Buckley Dan Daly
12:46 Connie Cotter DJ McCarthy Tom Flahive
12:52 Tim O’ Donoughue Timmy Murphy
Eamon Tarrant Garage
Senator Windows (Mr Hugh Twomey)
McCaul’s Hardware
Play off the white markers
Presentation of prizes will take place in The Stand Bar in Kanturk at 6:00 PM.
The society is entering a team in the Kanturk Golf Classic on the 24th of June,the draw for the team
will be made at the presentation. Only people attending the presentation will be entered in the draw.

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Dooks G.C. 24/04/05
10:00 Michael Hickey Michael Dennehy Paddy Roche
10:08 Colm O’ Connor Thomas O’ Leary Con Meade
10:16 Matthew Dennehy Tony McCaul John Cronin
10:24 Edmund Neville Tom Fox Liam Burke
10:32 Padraig Sheahan John Twomey Caoimh Sheahan
10:40 Chris Twomey Connie Cotter Denis Hickey
10:48 Donal Kelleher Denis Cremin
10:56 John O’ Sullivan Tim O’ Donoughue
11:12 Tom Flahive Eamon Tarrant Brendan Kiely
11:20 Gordon O’ Keeffe John O’ Keeffe (Snr) Tommy Burke
Reen’s Chemist
Donagh Hickey Motors
Calor Kosangas


Reens Chemist

Donagh Hickey Motors

Calor Kosangas

Scotch Scramble – Lee Valley G.C. 27/03/05
11:15 Frank Reen Hugh O’Connor Michael Dennehy
11:22 Liam Dennehy Con Meade Brendan Kiely
11:29 Anthony Dennehy Connie Cotter Dan Murphy
11:36 Eamon O’ Connor Pat Buckley Colin O’ Mahony
11:43 Peter Lawlor Eamon Tarrant Noel O’ Connor
11:50 Donal Kelleher Tommy Burke Brendan O’ Keeffe
11:57 Denis Hickey Jim O’ Sullivan Jeremiah Keating
12:04 Liam Buckley James Burke John Randles
12:11 Chris Twomey Anthony Barry Thomas Murphy
12:18 Denny Murphy Dan Daly Denis Twomey
12:25 Brendan Hickey Caoimh Sheehan John O’ Keeffe (Snr)
12:32 John Lawlor Padraig Sheehan Timmy Murphy
12:39 John Twomey Tony McCaul Paddy Roche
12:46 Niall Buckley Tom Flahive Arthur Murphy
12:53 John O’ Keeffe (Jnr) John O’ Sullivan Liam Burke
13:00 Patrick Lawlor Paul O’ Donovan M.Dennehy / J.Mannix


Bank of Ireland

Colemans Garage

Allied Irish Bank



golf society homepage

Dooks GC 16 hole scramble 4th April
1st    Colm O’Connor, James Burke, Tony McCaul 52.42
2nd    John Twomey, Hugh O’Connor, Paddy Roche 54.92
3rd    Denis Hickey, Tom Flahive, Padraig Sheehan 55.50
4th    Eamonn O’Connor, Jeremiah Keating, Brendan Kiely 55.50
Macroom GC 18 hole scramble 25th April
1st    Kevin McCarthy, Eamonn Tarrant, Denis Twomey 63.58
2nd   Anthony Dennehy, Hugh O’Connor, Michael Dennehy 64.17
3rd   Denis Hickey, Michael McCarthy, Dermot Golden 64.83
4th   Brendan Hickey, Noel O’Connor, Don O’Riordan 65.58
Kanturk GC Captains Prize
(Colm O’Connor
30th May
1st    Peter Lawlor                             (44 pts)
2nd   Padraig Sheehan                       (43 pts)
3rd   John Randles                             (39pts)
4th   Colm O’Connor                         (30pts)

Frank Reen Memorial – Peter Lawlor

Cat 1 (1) Anthony Dennehy (2) Frank Reen (3) Tony Lawlor
Cat  2 (1) John O’Sullivan (2) Tommy Burke (3) Brendan Hickey
Cat  1 (1) Don O’Riordan (2) Thomas O’Leary (3) John Murphy

Castleisand GC Presidents Prize
(Eamon McCaul
3rd October
1st   Connie Cotter                          (40pts)
2nd  Liam Dennehy                          (39pts)
3rd  James Burke                             (38pts)
Gross  John Twomey                        (26pts)

Cat 1 (1) Brendan Hickey (2) Denis Hickey (3)
Cat  2 (1) (2) (3)
Cat  1 (1)Matthew Dennehy (2)Thomas O’Leary (3)

Killorglin GC 18hole scotch scramble 7th November
1st   Denis Kiely, Eamon Tarrant, Padraig Sheehan 59
2nd  Michael Hickey, Con Meade, John Murphy 53
3rd  Colm O’Connor, Paul O’Donovan, John Hartnett 52
4th  Tim O’Donoghue, Hugh O’Connor, Michael Dennehy 52



golf society homepage













DENNEHY’S THE BRIDGE BAR sponsored the 2004 Fourball
Sponsors were thanked at the AGM for their continues sponsorship of the society and hoped they would continue their sponsorship of the society.

New sponsors are always welcome, sponsorship costs  €125 for the day and includes free golf on the day.



Millstreet Golf Society – Fourball 2005 Sponsored by Murphy’s Bar
Contact number First Round play by 30/05/05 Second Round play by 30/06/05 Quarter Final play by 31/07/05 Semi Final play by 31/08/05 Final play by 19/09/05 Winners
086-1794465 Michael Dineen & Jestin Dineen

087 2863637 Sylvester Murphy & Donal Kelleher
Michael Dineen & Jestin Dineen

087 2335777 Chris Twomey & John Twomey
029-70576 Peter Lawlor & Barry Fraiser V

087-2345123 Caoimh Sheahan & Niall Buckley

Caoimh Sheahan & Niall Buckley
087-2844463 Michael Dennehy & Paddy Roche
029-70262 John Randles & Edmund Neville

029-70223 Michael Feeley & Denny Murphy
John Randles & Edmund Neville
087-6661588 Patrick Lawlor & Jeremiah Keating
087-9379269 Tony McCaul & James Burke V
087 1207531 Tom Flahive & Liam Burke
Tony McCaul & James Burke
086-6063767 Tim Kiely & Kevin McCarthy

087-6484870 Colm O’ Connor & Owen Hegarty

087 2565270 Hugh Twomey & Tim O’ Donoughue

Hugh Twomey & Tim O’ Donoughue
029-70846 Connie Cotter & Anthony Dennehy
087 9925259 Donagh McCarthy & Aidan McAuliffe V

087-6821840 John Moynihan & Eamon Moynihan
Donagh McCarthy & Aidan McAuliffe
029-70758 Frankie Reen & Declan Dennehy
086-8172534 Denis Hickey and Brendan Hickey V

086 3212369 John Cronin and Tommy Burke
Denis Hickey and Brendan Hickey RULES:
V 1 Play by date.
087-2380881 Dan Murphy & Brendan O’ Keeffe 2 First name team contacts other team to fix match.
3 Toss for venue.
087-2345123 Padraig Sheahan & Eamon Tarrant 4 Green fees divided by four

V 5 In the event of a tie, play off in multiples of three holes with shots as normal.
087-2663188 Eamon McCaul & John O’ Sullivan 6 Handicap – lowest player to scratch with three quarters of the difference.
7 Handicap as of first match.
Eamon McCaul & John O’ Sullivan 8 Results to Murphy’s Bar or 087 6373437 by date.
V 9 Committee’s decision is final.
086 1611626 Donagh McAuliffe & Denis Kiely
Frankie Reen & Declan Dennehy
Tom Fox & Brendan Kiely

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