I Was Born And Raised In Ireland

I was born and raised in Ireland in North Cork near Millstreet Town
And it has been awhile believe me since my hair it was dark brown
I have done a bit of traveling far south of Hibernia’s Shore
Far from where old Clara Mountain overlooks green Claramore
Many of those I grew up with I may never see again
But fond memories of old friendships till my end I will retain
We went on different life journeys in Duhallow some did stay
Whilst others just as I do from home live far away
I first fell in love with Nature when I was a school going boy
Recognizing birds by their songs was a thing I did enjoy
The finches and the robin, wren, blackbird and song thrush
When flowers of Spring were in the old fields sung on hedge and tree and bush
But memories are all I have left of the past forever gone
And time as ever in a hurry and the clock is ticking on.

by Francis Duggan

1 thought on “I Was Born And Raised In Ireland”

  1. wHAT a wonderful poem brought tears to my eyes as through no fault of mine I was compelled to leave Millstreet just before my 15 birthday.God has blessed me with positive living since I am now living in the USA ;where my brother Patsy & sister’S Joan & Eileen came both IN HEAVEN RIP.

    fRANCAIS thanks for that great poem, all your poems flows so well & you tell it like it is.You were the neighbour that I never met. I am so happy you enjoyed my book in Australia Blessed 2013. THE BECKER’S

    Dr. Sheila O’ Sullivan Becker

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