2 thoughts on “Morning Fog on the side of Mushera”

  1. The Mushera Fog
    It steals down the mountain the Mushera fog
    Across the mountain road and cloaks Togher Bog
    On damp and wet days in Winter and the latter Fall
    The traffic goes up and down road at a crawl
    From the high road a steep drop down the mountain side
    And to drive fast there in the fog is a wish for suicide
    But what a beautiful drive on a pleasant Spring day
    When the hawthorns are in their white flowers of the May
    A beautiful view of the countryside for miles around
    As you drive up and down the high road on the higher ground
    But from mid Fall to early Spring on damp weather of low cloud
    The high Mushera road is cloaked in a gray shroud
    As the low clouds of rain down the mountain side blow
    For to cloak Togher Bog and the valley below.

    by Francis Duggan

  2. In flights of fancy i see old Mushera cloaked in gray fogs of rain
    And hear storm-water gurgling in the roadside drain
    By the narrow Butter Road that winds up and down
    Through the high undulating countryside above Millstreet Town
    November by Mushera a cold and wet time of year
    With the calendar Winter to the high country near
    As the flood is subsiding in the cold gray dawn
    The salmon are swimming upriver to spawn
    In Mushera valley in November in the dawning cold and gray
    The cattle in the farm sheds are bellowing for silage or hay
    At least fourteen weeks until the first flowers of Spring
    Until the nest building male songbirds do whistle and sing
    Where old Mushera is cloaked in the fog rains of gray
    Above the high country from here far away.

    November By Mushera is by Francis Duggan

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