Mt Brandon and Sister


The 952m mountain and it s dramatic sister the 840 Brandon Peak are flanked by water to the North, East and South. There are multiple approaches to the mountain. Brandon peak to the left above seems higher than Brandon itself. St. Brendan is the patron Saint of Kerry and so this mountain is named after him. We went by Faha, east of the mountain. Turn left on a minor road, where you can park beside renovated cottages.


Walk past the grotto along the path that rises, diagonally up the ridge.


Follow it west-wards for 2 K, gaining height all the while.


We met a group of about 30 people in front of us. They were from the greater Mitchelstown area. They were after climbing Carrauntwohill, cycling the Connor Pass and not quite sure if this was the last leg of the trip or not, they were raising funds for COPE.

We did not linger. I had my own mission today, it was just D and I and I wanted to find out the best time we could do this in. This is the sad part! Then you go downhill.


I have only done Brandon 3 times but this my 4th time is the First time I have seen the majestic sights it beholds! The glacier valley that opens up is beyond belief. The Imposing cliffs guarding the western flank of Brandon, always in the shade, always brooding.

On this fine day it was nothing but, peaceful. I feel privileged to have seen Brandon at its best. The saying goes that ‘Brandon always wears its Cap’. Well she had it off today, at times!! Loads of times!


The Pater-Noster lakes, strung out like rosary beads on the floor of the corrie, simply, took my breath away.

I gasped, so many times, because of the views that were simply phenomenal, the world 0n our doorstep. Above are the group from Mithelstown on the way up. You follow the stony path that runs along the right flank of the valley, working your way across relatively flat ground and near the upper lakes

The vertical path, that has eroded over the years screws its way up the very steep slope at the head of the valley. It ends dramatically at a shoulder where you get your first view of the Atlantic.


Turn left and follow the tussocky path to the summit, where there is a cross and triangulation point. Time: 1.40 Hrs.
Denis and I Gave 25 mins. Huddled in an alcove with sandwiches and nice hot tea. We met 2 brothers all the way from Caherdavin, they waited till further on down to have their ‘sos’, Return journey took us 1.20 mins. We stopped at the lovely grotto and said our few prayers.

Mary O’Mahony

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