Winter wonderland

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It was on the afternoon of Sunday, 10th January 2010 that Millstreet was transformed into a winter wonderland when a heavy blanket of snow very quickly covered the entire area.  We invite you to a tour of the town and environs as this transformation progressed.   We begin with Monsignor Manning at Millstreet Presbytery, onwards then to West End, The Bridge, Main Street, The Square where we meet Billy Sheahan of Wallis Arms Hotel, then to Church Street, down to Minor Row where Joe Fitzgerald  of Supervalu is still smiling (on a poster!) despite the freezing weather!   We continue down to Coleman’s Garage & Supermarket.   During our tour you will recognise many a local face.   And so on to the Fair Field where I suddenly found myself on the ground…just like a Charlie Chaplin scene….embarrassed but thankfully unhurt (though aching!!).   By the time I got back to The Bridge, Humphrey Hickey (of The Bush Bar) very kindly offered to drive me to the Boeing where sheets of ice were flowing on the River Blackwater (already so beautifully captured by Hannelie and displayed on the website).   Because we arrived following really heavy snow we were fortunate to see the “ice fish”!   In fact it’s a rock by the riverbank covered in snow but (as noted by Margaret Kelleher, Mount Leader) truly resembles a gigantic fish emerging from the Blackwater!    And finally back to my home in Mount Leader for some truly magical night snow scenes having met Noel Collins and Patsy McAuliffe on Clara Road.   Do keep warm in this frrrrrrreeeeeeezzzing weather!

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3 thoughts on “Winter wonderland”

  1. Sean – You have taken some wonderful pictures, and it looks sort of lonely with no people out and plenty of snow, alot different then when we were there in July. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself too bad. In Maine today, we have plenty of snow, but we are used to it, and have all of the items that keep it under control. I can’t imagine driving yesterday in Millstreet!! Hope you get back your warmer temperatures soon. Joe & Marie Denehy

  2. Thanks a million Joe and Marie for your much appreciated comment. Thankfully though still feeling the effect of my Charlie Chaplin style (like a rug pulled from me out of the blue) back slide down a very snowy Fair Field I’m delighted to hear mentions of a thaw. The snow has created some beautiful scenes but we’ve had enough at the moment!

  3. It was lovely to see these photos of Millstreet in the snow – wonderful memories captured by Sean! I enjoyed going through them and spotting places I knew when working in Molex in Millstreet during the 1980’s. This year I plan to take a trip down and visit the town and see the lovely Clara mountain again! Maybe this year – all the best to anyone that remembers me in Millstreet! Grainne Farrelly

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