Census 2011: How many Polish in Millstreet

The Central Statistics Office today released its Migration and Diversity Report which looks at diversity in the form of non-Irish nationals living in Ireland, along with foreign languages spoken and ability to speak English.

Millstreet gets a mention on page 11 as the town with the 5th highest Polish Poluation in Ireland with 15% of its population being Polish nationals. A few years ago we reported that in 2006 Millstreet had by far the highest Polish population in the country at 14%. (see the tables below for details) It has risen slightly (even if anecdotally quite a few seem to have left) while other other towns have seen their Polish population climb dramatically. Indeed our close neighbours in Rathmore had a very small Polish population (<5%) in 2007 now have more than 21%!

Town County # Residents % Polish
Timoleague Cork 372 25
Rathmore Kerry 772 21
Ballyconnell Cavan 1051 19
Ballymahon Longford 1553 16
Millstreet Cork 1560 15
Granard Longford 1014 15
Bunclody-Carrickduff Wexford 1996 14

The figures from 2007 were:
Millstreet, Cork (14.17%)
Bunclody-Carrickduff, Carlow/Wexford (9.4%)
Ballinrobe, Mayo (8.81%)
Ballyjamesduff, Cavan (8.73%)
Tullow, Carlow (8.17%)
Kingscourt, Cavan (8.12%)
New Ross, Wexford/Kilkenny (8.10%)


millstreet.ie: The 2007 report on the Polish population in Millstreet

cso.ie: Profile 6 – Migration and Diversity (2011 census)

2 thoughts on “Census 2011: How many Polish in Millstreet”

  1. Re: Census and Polish Community

    If 1560 Polish people equal 15% of Millstreet’s population, the total population for Millstreet is 10,000!!! Is this correct? What is included in this population count?

    1. It’s not totally clear in the CSO document on Migration and Diversity, but since it’s an urban study i would assume that the 1,560 people is the number of people living in Millstreet Town. That figure would be about right, which would mean that there were about 234 polish (1,560*0.15) in Millstreet Town at the time.

      We did an article back in May this year on the Millstreet population in the 2011 census, which said that we had an urban population of 1,574 (796 male, and 778 female) … god only knows where they managed to find a difference, and it’s not explained, but the ballpark figure is correct.

      To check the Millstreet urban and rural figures, read the article entitled “2011 Census – Population Details

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