Josephine Gubbins

I recall her as a young and attractive woman she had a friendly warmth in her hello
When i was a young and a shy country fellow and that is going back many years ago
She always smiled and greeted me in passing though her i really never got to know
Her parents Tom and Madge back then were living and Josephine she was the Pride of Minor Row.

I do recall the young Josephine Gubbins in her prime one of the finest in Millstreet
So tall and graceful and so very popular she was one unaffected by conceit
Perhaps she still lives in the Town of Millstreet at home like many more she chose to stay
But going by what i do read and hear of Millstreet ’tis a changed place from the place i knew today.

The clock ticks on and time for none of us is waiting and nothing ever seems to stay the same
And all we have of the past are our memories till memory can become much like a flickering flame
That struggles for to survive in the night air and in the cold wind slowly dies away
And my memories of Millstreet like the flickering flame are flickering and flickering ever lower every day.

Yet memories of the Hometown are still with me and in fancy faces from the past i see
And they have not changed at all since I’ve last seen them they do remain young in my memory
And one of those the lovely Josephine Gubbins young in my memory she does remain
Her long brown hair blowing in the winds of Summer she is the Pride of Minor Row again.

by Francis Duggan


Josephine is the daughter of Tom & Madge Gubbins, Minor Row who owned an Eating House there at one time, three or four doors down from where SuperValu is now

2 thoughts on “Josephine Gubbins”

  1. Francis! Lovely lines about Josephine. A few years ago when I was home, I went to see her. She is still in Millstreet living across the road from the Presbytery. She was in my class in Primary school and you are right in everything you wrote about her. She was/is a happy person and has had a very interesting and accomplished life.

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