Schools Closed until next Monday

It was announced last night that due to the treacherous nature of the roads, footpaths and concreted areas, all schools in Millstreet will remain closed until next Monday (11th January). This includes Presentation Convent, Boys National School, Millstreet Community School, Ballydaly National School and Cloghoula National School. There is no information on the other schools. With the freezing weather set to continue into next week, this will have to be reviewed in due course for the first few days of next week.

The schools have now been  off for three weeks over the Christmas period, as they were closed for two days before Christmas for the same reasons. I wonder are the kids happy to be off still, or would they prefer to be back with their friends?

3 thoughts on “Schools Closed until next Monday”

  1. It’s currently -22C here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (with a windchill of -26C) and there’s plenty of snow on the ground. Nevertheless, I’m returning to teaching tomorrow after the Christmas break. It’s amazing how different countries adapt in different ways to prevailing conditions.

  2. Donal, we are not adapting … we are grinding to a halt! It’s simply because this is very abnormal weather (one in fifty year weather for us).
    We don’t use winter tires in Ireland (most people wouldn’t know that they existed), and the councils have run out of salt with which to put on the roads.
    Oh how i’d like to be in Calgary with it’s great skiing now 🙁

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