Millstreet’s Cultural Icons

Now quite a well known artist his fame known far and wide
And to the people of Millstreet and Duhallow his success a sense of pride
The likeable Bertie Buckley people like him are rare
His knowledge of art and his gifts with other people he is prepared to share.

The singer songwriter Eugene Brosnan for Millstreet waves the flag
A world wide known entertainer that is surely worth a brag
At many a big concert the favourite of the crowd
And of his remarkable achievements he ought to feel quite proud.

The genius Bernard O Donoghue is one worthy of note
In the World of modern literature he is a major poet
As good as Brendan Kennelly and Seamus Heaney some have been known to say
Two of the leading writers in the Ireland of today.

Claraghatlea’s own Jerry Kelleher is no stranger to renown
He has become quite famous long miles from Millstreet Town
His books ‘Irish journeys in America’ have brought their author fame
And in the World of literature his is a well known name.

The Poetess Karen O Connor with words she has a way
A talented young writer ahead a great future for her lay
The hard to please literary critics she has not failed to impress
And she can look to a future of more literary success.

For the singing Diamond sisters another successful year
A famous Millstreet duo of them we often hear
Daughters of Peter Moynihan their C D’s are quick to sell
And it truly can be said of them that they have done quite well.

Young Ann Marie O Riordan I know Humphrey her dad
For one still a teenager great success she has had
A beautiful young singer and more of her we’ll hear
Ahead of her it does seem lays a glittering career.

Jack Lane the Aubane publisher and writer in a class of his own
Thanks in part to him the late great Knocknagree poet Ned Buckley is nowadays better known
A very clever fellow and one who knows his stuff
And as a writer and historian he is surely good enough.

The accordion player Seamus Buckley with Duhallow’s finest he does rate
One might say the quiet achiever becoming better known of late
In Aubane he is a legend a good man in every way
And everyone who can claim to know him only kind things of him say.

John Bourke the Bard of Rathcoole Millstreet claims him as it’s own
Through the medium of the internet he has become better known
In the footsteps of John Twomey Duhallow’s great poet from years ago
And his reputation as a writer as time ticks on will grow.

The Ford family of musicians and The Linehans of Dooneen
And Peter Lane and his well known band are a Millstreet evergreen
And the artist and singer Anthony Barrett I remember from the past
Of them all we have good memories and good memories seem to last.

You have heard of Mary Gaffney one who lives near Millstreet Town
In the famous magazine Ireland’s Eye she has carved her own renown
And the Poetess Ryan of Moyne Hill one worthy of an encore
One who has helped in her own way to keep Millstreet to the cultural fore.

From Claraghatlea U S based Sheila O Sullivan Becker as an author is widely known
But in Millstreet they are still proud for to claim her for their own
Quite an amazing woman her type of person rare
With the very best of Millstreet she is one to compare

Of the sporting greats of Millstreet the praises many do sing
But in the Millstreet of the 21st century culture it is the in thing
And the Millstreet cultural icons we ought to celebrate
For the fame they have created does not have a use by date.

by Francis Duggan

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