Genealogy: Denis Cronin (born 1854)

Our Great Great Grandfather we think was called John. He had at least 2 sons: Cornelius b.1849 and Dennis b.1854 (our Great Grandfather.) The story goes that he remarried and raised a second family who may have inherited the family farm. This could explain the emigrations of Cornelius and Dennis – Cornelius went to America where he became a successful lawyer.

Dennis our Great Grandfather claimed to have been born in Millstreet in 1854. He was associated with a Colonel Elliot with whom he left for England as his servant. The colonel died very shortly afterwards leaving Dennis stranded in Bath where he married Ann Jennings in 1874 and raised a family of 6: Florence Mary 1874-1904, Clara 1875-1961, Ellen 1877-1973, Ruth 1878-1948, Dennis Ralph 1880-1957 and Cornelius (our grandfather) 1882-1944.

Cornelius lived in Bath and married Rose Gertrude raising a family of 3: Ivy (1905-1957??) Kenneth Ralph (1910-1964??) and Ronald Cornelius (our father) 4.9.1917-22.8.1979.

I hope some of this may make a connection with what you know of the Cronin family and would love to hear more if you discover anything.

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  1. HI John.

    I am not sure if there is any connection but I belive my Great Great Grandfather was Cornelius/Connor Cronin. He had 5 children that I know of, Joanna (Johanna), Joseph, Margaret, Kate, and John (Born 18 Dec 1872, Tipperary. Their mother was Anne(or Annie or Joanna) Lynch from Tipperary.

  2. My Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother were from the Mill street area of Cork. I would be interested in learning more about the family before they emigrated to America and possibly corresponding with any living relations. As late as the 1960’s my Grandfather continued to correspond with family there and had visited Ireland and the family a few times. My Grandfather was Jeremiah Cronin born in Buffalo NY.
    My Great Grandfather was Richard Cronin who emigrated with several siblings around 1892. His parents were Jeremiah Daniel Cronin (1842-?) and Mary Cosgrave or Cosgrove (1840-?) Jeremiah’s parents were Daniel Cronin and Brigid Galleger. If anyone has any information on this family I would love to hear from you.

  3. Hi I’m banging my head trying to find my Cronin side of my family. My Great grandfather was John Cronin of I thought Co. Cork in Millstreet area but I was told by a second cousin that our Cronin’s were from Goulane Rathmore Co. Kerry. John b. @1877-1881 he married Julia Sullivan in 1917. They lived at Goulane West Rathmore Co. Kerry. He died in 1956. We have papers regarding property that he and Julia lived on until old. It said deed holder or owner Jeremiah Cronin father of Cornelius. So we don’t know if Jeremiah or Cornelius is John’s Dad. We know nothing about the Cronin’s other than what I just typed. Can someone please help me? Julia’s parents were Andrew and Ellen (nee Murphy) Sullivan. And during the war Julia tended the wounded and their home at Goulane West was a safe house for the Flying Columns and others. They had Jeremiah d. at 9 months. MaryEllen immigrated to NY, Andrew, and Johanna/Hannah/Joanie also immigrated to NY.

    1. hi jacqueline,
      below is some information on John’s family that i put together quickly. most are official registration documents (click the links to get to the document). At least there is some connection back to Millstreet 🙂
      hope it’s a help


      Birth of John Cronin on 27th Sept 1890 to Jeremiah Cronin and Hannah Moynihan at Goulane

      Marriage of John and Julia Sullivan Fabruary 1917

      1901 Census:

      Residents of a house 22 in Banard (Rathmore, Kerry)
      Show all information
      Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion Birthplace Occupation Literacy Irish Language Marital Status Specified Illnesses
      Cronin Mark 69 Male Brother R Catholic Co Kerry Retired Farmer Read and write Irish and English Not Married –
      Cronin Hanna 12 Female Daughter R Catholic Co Kerry Scholar Read and write – Not Married –
      Cronin Ellie 7 Female Daughter R Catholic Co Kerry Scholar Read and write – Not Married –
      Cronin Hanora 16 Female Daughter R Catholic Co Kerry Farmers Daughter Read and write Irish and English Not Married –
      Cronin Jeremiah 65 Male Head of Family R Catholic Co Kerry Farmer Cannot read or write Irish and English Married –
      Cronin John 10 Male Son R Catholic Co Kerry Scholar Read and write – Not Married –
      Cronin Timothy 15 Male Son R Catholic Co Kerry Farmers Son Read and write Irish and English Not Married –
      Cronin Con 7 Male Son R Catholic Co Kerry Scholar Read and write – Not Married –
      Cronin Hanna 40 Female Wife R Catholic Co Cork Farmers Wife Read and write Irish and English Married –


      1911 Census:
      Residents of a house 21 in Banard (Rathmore, Kerry)
      Show all information
      Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion Birthplace Occupation Literacy Irish Language Marital Status Specified Illnesses Years Married Children Born Children Living
      Cronin Jeremiah 72 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic Co Kerry Farmer Cannot read or write Irish and English Married – 27 – –
      Cronin Hannah 52 Female Wife Roman Catholic Co Kerry – Cannot read or write Irish and English Married – – 6 6
      Cronin Timothy 25 Male Son Roman Catholic Co Kerry Farmers Son Read and write – Single – – – –
      Cronin John 20 Male Son Roman Catholic Co Kerry Farmers Son Read and write – Single – – – –
      Cronin Ellie 17 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Co Kerry Farmers Daughter Read and write – Single – – – –


      Marriage of Jeremiah Cronin of Goulane and Johanna Moynihan of Caherbarnagh, Millstreet on February 21st 1884 (so there is a millstreet connection 🙂 )
      John’s grandfathers were Timothy Cronin and Patrick Moynihan. They were married by Canon Griffin.

      John’s siblings:

      Birth of HANORA CRONIN on March 2nd 1885

      Birth of Timothy Cronin on April 20th 1886

      Birth of Johanna Cronin on October 20th 1888

      Ellen and Cornelius were twins born on October third 1893

      Death of Julia Cronin on February 1956 (probably)

      Death of John Cronin on 26th November 1956 (probably, but his age seems wrong)

      (note: there is no login required in the above pages, but you must just sign in your name)

      I didn’t get to looking for Julia O’Sullivan.


      there are different spellings of Goulane are used

      Gallaun East 316 A, 2 R, 37 P
      Gallaun West 406 A, 3 R, 34 P

      The 1901 census uses: Gullaun East / Gullaun West

      I have seen Gullane used elsewhere

      1. Michael THANK YOU! I just saw your reply. I don’t even remember posting. Lol I did find this info a bit ago and for got but recently I came across it again. I feel the same as you with how it all relates but not sure BC of John’s age. I think I have him as d.o.b. @1880-1881 going by his age on what I think is his death certificate. The Julia you mentioned is my GGma. I have a copy of her prayer card. I have been told we are related to Pat Moynihan and Eammon Kelly. I have a letter I will post/send to you that my Nana wrote explaining the tree from MCarthy, Kelly, Murphy to Sullivan. I have found so many John Cronin’s but BC of the age it is throwing me. My Mom is desperate to know what happened to her grandfather John J. Cronin. He was never mentioned. My Mom and her siblings know absolutely nothing about the Cronin side of the family. My Mom has a letter from a lawyer which says Jeremiah Cronin, Father of Cornelius… Why would it state that? This was in reference to Andrew dying and leaving the land to my Mom and siblings. Why didnt they say Jeremiah, Father of John? As soon as I figure out how to send you pics here i will.

      2. Thank you again! For Julia I know her Dad was Andrew Sullivan/O’Sullivan married to Ellen Murphy. Her Dad was William Murphy married a ? McCarthy. I have a letter from my Nana that I think might even go back to Bill Murphy’s parents. She did this sort of family tree for the Murphy’s.
        I do not know Andrew Sullivan’s siblings or parents. I have a picture of a Mortimer/Murtaugh/Morty and Mary (?) Sullivan that my cousin and I were thinking were Andrew’s parents but I am starting to think he may have been a brother.

  4. My sisters and I are researching our Cronin family from Millstreet. The records we have are the Irish birth certificate of our grandfather, Patrick Cronin, dated 28 April 1872, parents Patrick Cronin of Knochachullen (sp?) and Mary nee Cahill of Claraghmore. Patrick and Mary were married 4 Feb. 1864. Their marriage record in the Millstreet Annals names his parents as William and Mary Cronin , and Mary Cahill’s parents as Maurice and Honora Cahill.
    Our grandfather emigrated from Cobh to Boston, MA at the age of 15. He had siblings: Mary, called Minnie; Philip and Jeremiah. He became a US citizen in 1894, and was married to Elizabeth Leo in June of 1893. They had a large family, and I have many relatives in the greater Boston area.
    We would love to go back even further and learn more about our family. Please do let us know if you have records or stories to share.

    1. Hi Pamela,
      Knockacullen is an unusual location as it is not a townland here. Because the baptism is in Rathmore, I figure it is close to there, and sure enough Knockacullen is the anglicised version of the Irish name “Cnoc an Chuilinn”, better know to us locals as Hollymount.

      Hollymount is in the Caherbarnagh townland, on the Kerry border, west of Millstreet, and while it is in the Drishane Parish (barely), it is much much closer to Rathmore Church, which is why he was probably baptised there. Still, the civil registration is for Millstreet which is correct.

      Parish Registers (Rathmore):

      OSI 6″ Map of Hollymount:,517229,590669,9,7
      Google Maps of Hollymount:

      Placenames Database of Ireland:

      hope that’s some help, can’t help with the family unfortunately

  5. Michael, Thank you so much!

    We visited Millstreet in 2014 and met Sean Radley, who very kindly took us through the town and pointed out Claraghmore, the famine burial ground, and the Carnegie Library. He thought there had not been any Cahills in Claraghmore. In the church record for our great grandparents marriage, Feb. 4, 1864 there is a column that I think gives the towns where the couple’s parents reside. The Cronins are listed as Millstreet, but though Mary Cahill’s residence says Claraghmore, next to her parent’s names is something illegible that looks like: “Born,…something perhaps beginning with an F. We are knocking ourselves out trying to decipher what this says and if it means the Cahills came to Claraghmore from somewhere else.
    We will enjoy the maps and the placenames database.
    It is wonderful of you to reply so quickly.

    1. I’d be pretty sure it reads “Doon, Kilmeen”

      Kilmeen is the parish North of Millstreet. I could be wrong, but Doon I think is otherwise known as “Doonasleen” comprising of three townlands: Doonasleen North, Doonasleen South, and Doonasleen, all of which are south of Kiskeam village (someone please correct me if i’m wrong).

      Doonasleen South Map:
      Doonasleen 1840 OSI Map:,522167,599818,9,7

      Parish register is here (entry #6):

      1. Correct name to-day is Doonasleen East, South, North. Electoral division Doonasleen. In the parish of Boherbue diocese of kerry. In past times church records refered to it as Doonmore in parish of kilmeen which was used until early 1900. I cannot know of any Cahill in Doon whoch is short for Doonasleen. Perhaps they were short time renters also k/a as dairy farmers many had short stay I will try to check on it not mentioned in Tithes or Griffith Valuation as land owners.


        Admin’s note Kilmeen / Boherbue Parish
        “The Parish of Boherbue – Kiskeam is one of the nine Co. Cork parishes in the diocese of Kerry. The parish of Boherbue was known as the parish of KILMEEN up to the year 1888. At that stage, Kingswilliamstown, Ballydesmond today, became a separate parish, but Boherbue and Kiskeam continued to be called Kilmeen until the name faded in the early part of the last century.”
        — from:

        1. Thank you so much for this information. Knowing of the name changes makes searching records much easier. We are following clues and trying to make certain we have got the right people. It is a compelling search!

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