Two Million Views … and counting

Yesterday August 8th passed a small milestone … 2 million articles viewed on the site since we started counting the stats in August 2009. We’d just like to say thanks to you our viewers and contributors coming back over and over to see what’s new and engaging with the site.

All the work we do is voluntary simply because we enjoy it, but funding to keep the site servers working comes from the Millstreet Museum Society. The museum’s only source of funding is from personal donations and from the church gate collection which is on next weekend. We’re only a small part of the cost of running the museum, so if you can afford a few bob to keep the show on the road please drop in something.


Not to bore you with the site stats ……. but on average we get:

750 different visitors per day (real people, not robots)
2,500 pages per day
30,000 photos per day
65,000 objects served per day (one every 1.3 seconds)
1,664,299,827 Bytes of data per day

and these numbers are growing from month to month … not bad for a small town of 1500 people, but of course our catchment area is much bigger, and our disporia around the world is as big again.

Lest I forget, the site actually goes back to around 1999 when Seán and Hannelie made the first brave steps at setting up the site. They are the stars for starting it ! – Michael

7 thoughts on “Two Million Views … and counting”

  1. Michael – Thanks a million for reminding us of such an historic milestone regarding our Millstreet website. The true Pioneer of the Millstreet website is indeed Hannelie O’Connor whose courageous initiative and utter dedication were recognised in a Millstreet People of the Year Award some years past. I was honoured to have been asked by Hannelie to join the team. We were then totally blessed to have you join us, Michael adding so much by your superb technical knowledge and in being so expert in the manner by which you discover articles, features, poems etc. about Millstreet which might otherwise never come to the attention of our huge number of very loyal website visitors.
    And, yes, Millstreet Museum is honoured to help fund the now essential form of communication. The handing over of the key to the newly renovated room at Carnegie Hall, Millstreet is very imminent. I’ve already researched new display units in Dublin last week. The cost of such units is significant – so, indeed, it would be greatly appreciated if people would be generous in their contributions to our annual church gate collection this coming weekend outside Millstreet Church. It is our main souce of funding for all aspects of the Museum.

  2. Sean: Congratulations and thanks to you and the whole team for making Millstreet available to all who emigrated over the years.
    God Bless you all.

  3. Pat….Thank you very much for your much appreciated kind comment for our website team. We are delighted that our efforts in communicating the Millstreet Experience are so enthusiastically received. Every good wish to all the Family.

  4. STV has reported that Connor Sinclair of Cullen Pipe Band has won an award at the World Championships in Glasgow.

    1. richard, there must be another cullen pipe band in scotland. the lad is from Crieff in Scotland, and has a Scotish accent. you can see him playing here with an interview

      update: my apologies richard. Collette O’Connor from Cullen Pipe Band has corrected me: Connor Sinclair is student of the National Piping Centre instructor Margaret Dunn (nee Houlihan from Cullen). Connor has been playing with Cullen since 2008.

  5. Two million views,I can remember a time when we were excited when we reached a thousand views! With Michael’s expertise and decication, Sean’s recording and sharing every event the website has grown in popularity. I would also like to thank every person and organisation that shared their events and experiences with us over the years. My vision for the website was that it should be for all that have an interest and love of Millstreet Town, I would like to think we achieved that.

  6. Yes, Hannelie, your vision has certainly been realised in that the Millstreet website is now an integral part of Millstreet life and has assumed a role similar to what the daily newspaper has meant to us for generations. And, yes, with such sincere commitment as yours and that of Michael plus the very valuable input of the many individuals and organisations who regularly contribute – the Millstreet website will hopefully continue to grow, develop and further improve in the years ahead.

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