When walking in the Town Park today a kind lady who is a dedicated follower of our website shared a discovery she had made regarding the two random pictures in the “From the Archives” section which appear on the right of all pages on (as in the example – right). She thought (as I did) that it was only possible to view just the two pictures when you clicked upon them … but now we share our discovery that if you click upon the highlighted caption underneath the pictures this will result in the opening of a complete file of pics from which the particular picture was taken – thus giving a wonderful selection of pics instead of just the one!  Many thanks to website team member, Michael, for this excellent development further enhancing our Millstreet website…and thanks to the very helpful lady who has alerted me to this splendid added facility.  (S.R.)


1 thought on “Discovery!”

  1. Most images and text in blue on are clickable and will take you somewhere else to give a little more info. Follow the links and see where they take you, the worst thing that can happen is that you don’t want to be there, and you can just press the back button to return to where you can from !

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