Successful Outcome to Computer Drive Problem

The famous and consistently fruitful “Lost” Prayer yet again was instrumental in restoring what appeared to have been an enormous store of photographic and video files from being permanently lost.   The Prayer “Jesus was lost.   Jesus was found.  Jesus find (whatever is lost).”….truly came to the rescue as it seemed likely that photographic files such as the most recent one of Cloghoula N.S. Pattern Day had become permanently lost in an extension hard-drive which had been suddenly affected by an unexpected scanning programme.   And that hard-drive was (unwisely) the only one in existence!   Thankfully to my surprise and delight today the same scanning programme restored all files.   And what a lesson I’ve learned!    All eggs in one basket…not a wise idea.   Immediately a total back-up of all files on a separate hard-drive has been put into effect and is presently ongoing.   Gladly we shall be able to share lots of pictorial features which I thought might well have been gone forever.   Sincere thanks to all who expressed concern about the computer problem.     Back-ups of all files are to be strongly recommended.  It’s so very uplifting that there is such a happy ending…I can sleep tonight and feel confident that all our pictorial files of the past six months are again safe….. with back-ups!   (S.R.)

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