Public Meeting on EU Fiscal Treaty, and Household, Septic, and Water Charges

There will be a public meeting in Millstreet GAA Hall next Monday night 14th May at 8pm, where a talk will be given on the upcoming referendum of the EU Fiscal Treaty, household charges, septic tank charges, and water charges. All are welcome.

The Millstreet group campaigning against household charges and austerity meet Monday nights at 8.30pm in the Bush Bar. Anyone that wishes to join the campaign is welcome. Contact (087)3560013.

4 thoughts on “Public Meeting on EU Fiscal Treaty, and Household, Septic, and Water Charges”

  1. About time somebody did something to inform the community, pity the hurlers on the ditch didn’t do a bit more action and less scratching …. Fair play to the organiser !

  2. Hi, great to see people standing up for their rights and their country. Hope that people get off their ass and go to meeting, forget “Corrie” for one night this is far more important to our future and that of our children. Wishing organisers best of luck after their effort to do something.

  3. Great meeting, very engaging and informative. Well done to all concerned. Speakers made more sence than I’ve heard for a long time, pity our so called public representives did not attend as invited, I just take from that they CAN NOT JUSTIFY the lies they are spitting out every day. Those of ye peeking at this in the quite – be warned, WE ARE NOT FOOLS !!!

    1. Well said Tony & Anthony wish there was more people like you, I wish people would fight for their future and more important the future of their children and all the young people. Our government don’t care about us, our public Representatives don’t even want to know we exist, but why would they after we paid their fat salary.. Well I for one want people to take back the power and show this government they work for us, and make them do the job their paid to do.

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