Mister O

Such sad tidings from Duhallow the news of the passing of Mister O
A legendary character of Millstreet long ago
Where he was born and raised and with his wife raised their children in the Town by Clara Hill
Sad to think the heart that beat with kindness has been forever rendered still

He was baptized as Anthony Manley Mister O was his nickname
Do not ask me as i do not know how his alias to him came
As a tailor and an undertaker in Duhallow he was well known
And of him it can be truly said that he was one of Millstreet’s own

So many marvellous memories of him one can recall
As a young man in Sraid’s green and gold he played gaelic football
As a stocky corner forward against Cork’s best he did compete
He will always be remembered as a legend of Millstreet

One who was known to many he made new friends every day
He always remained young at heart though his dark hair had turned to gray
Gone from the Town of Millstreet his well known and loved face
Within view of Clara mountain great changes are taking place

For each and everyone of us a final night and day
Sad news from the Town of Millstreet Mister O has passed away
In the Town of Millstreet he was born and raised and in the Town of Millstreet he grew old
And to Duhallow’s future generations stories of him will be told.

by Francis Duggan

See the death notice for Mr. O, with lots of tributes attached.

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