Easter Vintage Event 2012 at K&L Complex, Millstreet – Part One

Photographer supreme, Jim McSweeney of Kanturk has uploaded a magnificent selection of some 350 images on his Facebook wonderfully illustrating the hugely interesting aspects of the very successful Vintage event at the K&L Complex in Mount Leader, Millstreet on Easter Sunday (8th April 2012). Below we share part one of our coverage of the superb event. (S.R.)

In our first selection we include our arrival at the venue where we meet with lots of friendly people, where we begin recording our LTV2 coverage  which will be broadcast on this Thurs. at 10.00 pm and is scheduled to be online by Friday, where we witnessed the amazing construction of a complete tractor to its being started from almost forty pieces by an amazing world-class Team from Coachford.   Lots more to follow during the week.

See Jim McSweeney’s 351 photos of the Vintage Day on Facebook (note: press the ‘show’ more button at the bottom of the first page to see the second half of the photos.

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