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I am the great granddaughter of Daniel Daniel Buckley from Millstreet, Cork. I would love to contact anyone who may know of my great grandfather and his family. When my mother and sister got the chance to visit Millstreet a few years back, they were greeted so warmly, like family.

My great grandfather Daniel was born 3 Apr/May 1872 in Millstreet, Cork. He was apprenticed as a tailor at the age of 6 and was a fully fledged tailor at age 14. He came with his family to the US when he was 16. He died in North Adams, Berkshire, MA on 14 Jul 1936.

His parents were Daniel Buckley m. Ellen Hickey, who was born Nov 1842 widowed after being married for 35 years, since 1865. She had 10 children of whom 5 survived. She was a naturalized citizen according to the 1900 census. Their other children are Eugene (born Nov 1865), Cornelius (born Apr 1870), John (Johnny, family story is he’s adopted) (born Sep 1880), and Kate (born Jun 1871) m. Dennis Falvey. She had 4 children of whom 3 survived.

Daniel and Ellen may have originally been from Cullen, but not sure. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you for any help you can offer. Warm greetings from US

Ann Royal <email>

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  1. Ann, Don’t know if this will be of any help but here goes. My greatgreat grandfather was Denis Buckley from Knocknakilla, Millstreet. He was maried to Ellen Walsh also of Millstreet. Theeir second child was Daniel born around 1835 – 1840. His siblings were as followsJames c 1835-40, Partick c 1835-40 he was a shopkeper who mared Hanora Leary in 1895, Richard, my great grandfather c1840-45 who emigrated to Boston in the 1870’s and married Hannah O’Hayre they lived in Charlestown area of Boston, Hanora c1840-45 she married Timothy Lyons in 1870, Michael c1840-45 who marrried Ellen Kelleher from Millstreet in 1875, Denis c?,Edmond c1840-45, John c1856 who apprently died as their follows John c 1860 in Knocknakilla. I have the name of an excellent researcher who specializes in the Cork area if you get stuck like I did. She charges about $180 fro a very extensive report. Ley me know if you would like her contact info.

    Good Luck, Jack – Boston

  2. My family came to Boston from the Millstreet, Cork(workhouses) area around 1895-1902. Ellen Sheehan married Dennis Quill and they lived in Brockton, MA and all around them were relations of Kelliher’s and Quills and Buckleys. I found a Hannah Buckley that was a cousin to Ellen.

  3. Hi,

    I have a pocket watch that I’m selling the name of the owner was Denis Buckley bought in 1902 at the Cork International Exhibition. I don’t know if this is the same Buckley, but it might be interesting to yourselves


    If your interested please have a look at the pictures in the listing


  4. My Great grandfather was Daniel T. Buckley of Millstreet who married Catherine Dineen after his first wife died. My Grandfather was Timothy born in 1893 in Millstreet also. He had 11 siblings I believe. I need to check to be sure but I believe that my Great great grandfather was also a Daniel T. Buckley that was Married to Theresa but not positive. I have the records somewhere but not at hand at the moment.

    1. I replied to the posting on Daniel T. Buckley but it disappeared!? I am anxious to hear from whoever posted this as my mother was Tim Buckley’s first cousin and I remember him visiting us when a daughter from New Jersey drove him here (Andover, MA). Daniel and Kitty (as she was known) had nine children. Hannah m. Con Mahoney from Millstreet area (possibly Rathmore?) and they lived in Lawrence MA with three daughters. Mary m. Dinnis Lucey of Millstreet and they lived in Melrose, MA. Con Buckley was my grandfather and married Alice O’Brien who was born in Ladysbridge, Midleton, Cork. Maggie, Nora, Kate and Daniel all died young. John married Nora Lane of Millstreet and their descendants are still in Millstreet and beyond. Your Timothy was the last of nine and, as you know, he had six children with Dorothy Allen and after her death married Katherine (?). Would love to hear from you to share more information.

      1. Hi Sylvia. Just got your post. You are correct that Tim Married Dorothy Allen, my grandparents. I have a bunch of records and information that I will have to find but I do have more information that between us we might be able to fill in some blanks or straighten out some things. If you would like to contact me directly you can do so at <email> I live in central Vermont. It will be very interesting to meet relatives outside the direct sphere. The family was not close however I do have contact with some other grandchildren. All of Tim’s children are dead I have the contact info for the only grandchildren whose whereabouts are known.

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