LTV2 Millstreet:Programme 207

Programme 207 which was first broadcast on Thurs 22nd March 2012 is now online. You can now watch our latest programme which was recorded in our Millstreet Studio and edited by Sean Murphy right here on or by logging into the LTV2 Facebook Page before the repeat show hits our Television screens on Sunday 25h March at 8.00pm.

Programme Index:

00:00 Eily Buckley and Seán Radley introduce the programme.
02:00 Eily’s Regional Report
09:00 Paddy O’Brien sings “Ringsend Rose”
11:50 Brendan and Jerry with a short chat
12:50 The Community Council Awards (Friday, 2nd March 2012)
24:30 The Millstreet St.Patricks Day Parade
1:02:00 The Carriganima St.Patricks Day Parade
1:17:48 Programme Ends

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