5 thoughts on “Meeting Re Campaign Against Household Charge”

  1. Good to see people are fighting back against more charges. How can people pay for what they do not have. Is there no one in Dublin with a small bit of common sense.

  2. We all need to stant up and stand together but we must be seen to do it. It’s no good being a supporter of this campaign in secret we have to get out and be seen and heard in whatever meetings or marches or whatever is taking place. We are known in Europe as the fighting Irish lets show them that it’s not just a title to be snickered at, we are proud to be Irish and will fight for our rights and the rights of our country. If the shower in government and opposition haven’t got the balls to tell Europe go to hell we will do it ourselves !!

  3. It is good to see a public meeting being held in opposition to this inequitable and unjust tax. I will be there to show my support for the campaign. We must stand up and be counted, the Fine Gael/Labour government cannot be allowed to get away with it. I live outside of the town and had to pay thousands of Euro to the county council when building my home, I had to get my own well bored, I pay to pump my own water and I paid for my own septic tank and to have it cleaned regularly. I will not pay either the household charge or the septic tank charge. The Fine Gael/Labour dictatorship cannot implement this charge if enough of us say I CANNOT PAY, I WILL NOT PAY!.

  4. Message for all Millstreet people. Campaign Against Household, Water and Septic Tank Taxes, tomorrow evening, Tue, 8 pm at the GAA hall near town park, ALL ARE WELCOME.Thanks Eugene Brosnan

  5. What a great turnout in Millstreet last night…!! A very lively, frank and energetic discussion…!! Thanks to all who attended, up to 120 and 13 committed to furthering the cause of the Campaign Against Household, Water & Septic Tank Taxes…

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