Important Ambulance Meeting


There is a important meeting next Thursday March 15th at 5pm in the Wallis Arms Hotel to discuss the proposed cut to her ambulance service in Millstreet – from Cllr. Noel Buckley.

Word is that the HSE are looking to get rid of the Millstreet Ambulance (and possibly the Kanturk Ambulance also), and replace it with a Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV). It’s up to you to get to the meeting and find out what’s really happening.
Read more about Rapid Response Vehicles

11 thoughts on “Important Ambulance Meeting”

  1. 5pm – not the most convenient time
    Important meeting? – you think it could be timed better due to its importance. Michael Moynihan even left the last meeting early to attend a wake. There will be a lot more wakes if the ambulance goes – trust me.

  2. Perhaps there’s a misprint and the time should read “5am” — more could attend.
    Let’s hope the whole arrangement is not indicative of the service to come for the future patients of Millstreet and its environs.

  3. I would really like to attend this meeting and show my support. But I work in cork and do not finish until 5.30pm like most other people. Is there a reason why the meeting is being held so early?

  4. Looks like hard working,normal,ordinary peoples opinions and thoughts are not worth considering we just slave away to pay tax after tax. The decision has probably been already been made on our vital service, just having a meeting for the formality of it, then all higher powers can have a clear conscious, no one attended meeting,no interest, no ambulance service!!!

  5. The time has come for people,s power because we the public have very little say when our services are in treat of been cut back.This is very sad how people have been let down. Keep going never let them get you down.

  6. Unfortunately, like most people, I will be unable to attend this meeting due to the inconvenient time it has been set for. I suspect this is so that, after the service has been taken away, we will be told that “There was a meeting which no-one bothered to turn up to”.

    Even though I cannot be there in person, I would like to put my objection to the withdrawal of this service on record. As someone who has availed of the ambulance service in the past, I realise precisely how important this service is. After a serious RTA, it is unlikely that I would still be alive today if not for the Millstreet ambulance service, which managed to get me to Mallow hospital (another vital service targeted by this government). If the ambulance had to travel from elsewhere, I would not be alive today.

    Thanks to worsening road surfaces and an aging car fleet, it is probable that there will be an increase in RTAs in the coming years. The best way to prevent an increase in deaths is to keep services such as this in place. Surely any reasonable person can see this?

    It seems incongruous to me that, at a time when we are being asked to pay a household charge “to fund local services”, we are simultaneously told that many of these services are slated for withdrawal. Not exactly what you would call “joined-up thinking” from our current government, is it? No wonder most people do not intend to pay the household charge – there is simply no incentive for them to do so!

  7. Someone has a stroke no car what do they do go to Cork on a push-bike ring one of there children in Australia on a smart-phone taking your father to Cork because there,s no Ambulance service the government did not think Millstreet needed one this is a part of cuts that will save Ireland.Are we all living in a mad-house run by fools who are over-paid. I was born in Millstreet hospital 1940 today no hospital.We the people have power we also have voices let us use them, been quite will get us no-where T/Ds will not move until they need the vote.

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