Methodist Update – February 2012 Methodist circles February is the time when we especially remember that we are part of a world Church. It is so wonderful to realize that God’s family crosses just about every ‘border’ of nationality, culture, language and race. During February most Methodist Churches specially focus on partner Churches around the world seeking to share our resources with them and also to receive insight, challenge and inspiration from our sisters and brothers in different places. While Methodism is small in this area there are approximately seventeen million Methodists worldwide. This year in particular we are focusing on the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe which continues to faithfully witness to God’s grace in the midst of very difficult circumstances in that land. We are also thrilled that even in our small group in Millstreet there are many different nations represented. May it always be so. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us for any of our meetings each Sunday evening at 7.00 p. m. in the Canon O’Donovan Centre on Clara Road. For further information contact Laurence at 064 6631613 or <email>

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