Daniel O’Donnell in Millstreet

A treat for all Daniel O’Donnell fans: in New Years eve at the end of 1994, Daniel O’Donnell played a concert from Millstreet which was RTÉ’s New Years Eve programme at the time and shown live on TV. RTÉ is fifty years old this year, and are showing some programmes from the past, and included in these is the concert from Millstreet.

Daniel is accompanied by the RTÉ concert orchestra, conductor Noel Kelehan, and the Daniel O’Donnell band.  He is joined on stage by Mary Duff, Mary from Dungloe as well as others.

See the concert on RTÉ Player.

Update (1st May 2013): the concert has been added to youTube recently. you can see it below:

The concert is an hour and a half in length, and the New Year is at 51:40.


7 thoughts on “Daniel O’Donnell in Millstreet”

  1. I want to watch Daniel odonnells New Year’s Eve special at mill street. It’s gone now. How can I get it again?

    1. How can I buy a copy of the concert? The link that is there now you can’t do anything. Can you archive it? I hope so.

    2. You should archive it.there a plenty of fans wanting to watch it. There are a lot of other programs you could take off. Daniel O’Donnell is trying to get it back. Please do it.

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