Drishane Fête 1938 – poster

This historic poster for the Drishane Garden Fete 1938 appeared recently for auction on eBay.ie.

We previously featured a photo from a 1930s Fete in Drishane in preparation for the most recent Fete. Click the image below to see it in full.




====Transcription of the Poster===

Drishane Convent, Millstreet, Co. Cork

You and your friends are cordially invited to Win a Beautiful Prize by trying our Easy Competition

Find the “Names of three animals known in Ireland each name contains the Letter “O” and each name has only three or four letters”

you are cordially invited to our Garden Fete and Distribution of Prizes to be held on Whit Sinday and Whit Monday in aid of our Chapel of the Little Flower, and our Doreign Missions in China, Malay and Japan.

Prizes to be won at your choice: Cushions, Leather Bags, Afternoon tea-cloths, Vases, Tea cosies, Fountain pens, Electric flash lamps, Books, Dolls, Framed Pictures, Cakes, Boxes of Sweets, Japanese Curiosities

Result of Competition will be published in the “Irish Independent” and “Irish Press” on 28th May 1938.

6 thoughts on “Drishane Fête 1938 – poster”

  1. Thanks for the ‘Heads Up’, Michael. I managed to be the successful bidder for this. I also found several Postal Cards from 1907 and 1908 that were canceled at the Millstreet Post Office — I haven’t received them yet so don’t know what pictures are on those.
    I will be happy to bring them ‘Home’ to the Millstreet Museum on my next visit in April.

    Also currently on EBay are some Eurovision items from 1993, but they seem rather pricey …



    I am also ACTIVELY chasing after a copy of “Sráid an Muilinn: (Millstreet, Co. Cork): A History of its people by its people for its people, arranged and published by Timothy Broker, Millstreet Co. Cork.

    Published c. 1930s, paperback, 56 pages, text in English, good. Scarce.”


    Millstreet items seem to be gaining some demand!

    1. hi Bob,
      you’re mad. i’m sure that the Museum Society would be delighted with these items, but i can’t speak for them myself 🙁
      we featured the book by Tim Broker back in 2010 (http://www.millstreet.ie/blog/2010/07/28/millstreet-history-publication-from-the-1930s), and Seán indicated that there is a copy in the Museum.
      i think if we didn’t point out these things on eBay and elsewhere they might not be in so much demand … are we costing you over the odds!!

  2. Actually, I’m glad to hear that the Museum already has a copy of the book. Now, I won’t feel guilty for keeping it for MY library! FYI — the ‘Poster’ of the 1938 Fete turned out to actually be a four-page BOOKLET — in suprisingly good shape!

    The Millstreet EuroVision Program and the After-show booklet are currently bid up to 25 Euro EACH, so I’m probably going to let them go — 🙁

    Hopefully, the Museum already HAS copies of those — since they are from so recent a time???

  3. Sean — The bidding finally ended on the Millstreet EuroVision items. You might be amused to know that the Official Program was sold for 65.89 Euro and the 16 Page Post Show Booklet drew 86.5 Euro — both a BIT too dear for MY budget — so I am happy to hear that the Museum’s Collection is already well represented 🙂
    I DID manage to ‘Win’ the “Official Press Release Briefcase” for a reasonable 5.24 Euro. The Seller has kindly agreed to ship it directly to the Museum (thus saving me 10 Euro on the Shipping costs). I hope that the Museum will find the case a useful addition — if nothing else, you should be able to store some of the OTHER euroVision items inside of it — 🙂

    Michael — As you can see by the info that I mentioned above, the items that I have purchased for donation to the Museum haven’t been overly costly — but prowling Ebay DOES tend to induce a wee bit of Buying Frenzy — 😉
    So, in THAT respect, I suppose your postings HAVE cost me quite a bit —

    But, by all means — PLEASE keep up the good work!


  4. Hi Bob…Millstreet Museum Society is very grateful for your great kindness to Millstreet Museum not only on arranging the presentation of the Official Press Release Briefcase from Eurovision 1993 but also for your consistent interest in our work and your much appreciated efforts in helping to enhance our Museum Collection.

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